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Note: You are an individual, your results will vary depending on genetics, adherence, and effort.

When Jayson contacted me for a consultation and told me his incredible success story thus far, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind doing an interview and sharing his journey with you here.

He has been incredibly frank and honest about his story and his feelings. I want to thank him for his bravery. There seem to be some people believe that Intermittent Fasting (IF)/ Leangains (LG) does not work for those that are obese. This is not true, as I hope this story will show you.

I want to stress, Jayson did this by himself using the Leangains method. He has become a client now, only because he wants to ‘get some abs’ and think’s he needs a little extra help.

1. What was the moment when you finally decided, “I’m going on a diet”?

Well, Andy, that was two things, my health, and sexual dysfunction! I am only 5’6 and my highest weight was 200lbs so imagine that for a moment. I was obese. My BMI was 32.5. I was at risk for diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. I was a waist size 38 and only 36years old and I was not going out like that if you know what I mean. I needed to turn things around very fast! 

I want to make a comment about the scar [above picture] below my belly button, it is NOT from any kind of weight loss surgery. It’s from an operation I had to save my life when I was a baby. I had hyaline membrane disease and jaundice. I have since recently had another surgery to remove this scar [see right] which should be almost unnoticeable within a year. 

[If you are interested in the details, I’ll include the rest of Jayson’s rather generous answer in the first comment below.]

Jayson, USA Age: 36 Height: 167cm (5’6″) Before: 90.9kg (200lbs), 38″ @navel. After: 63.6kg (140lbs), 29″ @navel.

2. What did you try and first and with what success?

I tried all the ridiculous popular diets and my weight went up and down. I realized very quickly about fitness dogma and bullcrap and rather than upset or discourage me it just made me want it more. It gave me more inspiration to look for a lifestyle that will take me to my prime. My overall success with fad diets and un-natural foods was a disaster!

 3. What made you switch to IF/LG?

After discovering a primal/paleo website and switching to all natural food and lean protein I was searching the internet and found ‘leangains’ and the ‘leansaloon’. Right away I knew that was the lifestyle for me. At that time I was eating every two hours and rushing home from work thinking I would shrink if I didn’t eat something, and the amount of money I was spending on diet items was out of control and I just knew there had to be a better way. I didn’t think being fit and healthy could be so stressful LOL! After trying LG for a week, I said, “This is it. This is what I needed!”

4. What was the most difficult part of the whole thing?

Bear with my humor, it’s just my explosive energy level and happiness this new lifestyle brings!!! The most difficult thing for me was actually coming to terms that I didn’t have to spend hours in the gym, hundreds on supplements and diets, do cardio like I was going to get a date with Jillian Michaels [‘Trainer’ from the US show “The Biggest Loser”] and have time to live life. It was hard to take it in because it seemed too good to be true! On a physical level, the hardest thing was overcoming my fears.

5. What things did you find easier than you expected?

Workouts, cardio, and eating. It’s so easy its a joke. I laugh when I see guys at the gym groaning and moaning and slamming down food and water every two minutes.

6. What are your goals now, as a client?

To get my core ripped. As you can see from my photos my results have just been amazing. I am very lean, my current weight is 140. My BMI is 22.5, waist size is a ridiculous 29 inches and I feel like I am 21 years old. I just want to dial in my macros and get my abs ripped!

7. Any message to people out there reading this, perhaps in a similar situation to the one you were in 18 months ago?

Put down the diet books, stop asking the guy at the gym for advice and stop listening to ‘bro-science’ as Martin [Berkhan, founder of Leangains] would say, enjoy your workouts, enjoy your food, live, laugh and sometimes run really fast! When everything else fails just remember Andy will always be here to remind you why LOL.

If you think you can do this, your right! If you think you can’t do this, well your right about that too!

Update: Time Frame: 14th November 2011 ~ 12th January 2012 intermittent-fasting-leangains-results-jayson

For two months Jason kept sending me messages saying how amazingly the diet was working for him. (Which you can see in the comments below. I have to admit I thought he was exaggerating or just trying to help me out but when he sent me the “after” photos two months later, I was really pleasantly surprised. Great to see.

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Good luck! More to come soon. – Andy


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44 Comments on “From Obese To Shredded – Jayson’s Story”

  1. just an update BUDDY! i am living life and eating great the weight is still off! thanks andy, your right patience and following your program WORKS! thanks! i still practice very strict all natural food and CR mon-thurs. i do a full day fast on sundays and that combination allows me to pretty much eat whatever i want on fridays and saturdays. this has kept the weight off!

    1. Was great to see the photo Jayson. Welcome to your new “set-point”. Bye bye old Jayson. You can give your old clothes away to a charity store now.

  2. From Jayson today:
    Dear Andy,

    Wow. Where do I start! Thank you! Thank you so much for all your info, all your advice, all your answers and most of all, your website. I have been on a weight training and weight loss mission for a long time. I have had up’s and downs with a lot of trial and error prior to coming to your site and becoming a client. Losing weight was not so much a challenge as is getting ripped. The main stream fitness community was helpful only to get me on track but to cross the finish line it was your help! Thank you!

    This is not a goodbye message it’s more of a “hello” message. Meaning I will forever be reading your site and comments and offer as much help as I can on your comment section. I am writing this to let you know that on Saturday I weighed in at an amazing 137lbs and I am ripped! I have sent you an email with a photo and for all the people considering your program here are my stats.

    Weight – 145lbs
    Chest – 101cm
    Belly – 80cm
    Squat – 210lbs
    Deads – 170lbs
    Bench – 100lbs

    Weight – 137lbs
    Chest – 104cm
    Belly – 73cm
    Squat – 240lbs
    Deads – 200lbs
    Bench – 125lbs

    Considering I am only 137lbs I think my gains have been awesome. No crunches and No cardio!

    Thanks Andy!
    Original can be seen here.

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  4. got it! thanks. i am down to 138.4lbs. i have never been that low. WOW, i can see alot of defenition! thanks ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i should have asked this question ages ago, will taking my fish oil in the morning along with the BCAA be enough calories to break the fast? i fast from 7pm until 12 noon the next day. when i wake up at 3am i take 2 fish oil caps (20 calories) and on training days BCAA so on training days that would be 30 calories. would that break my fast

  6. andy, i was reading martins blog to refresh myself and i came across the list of supplements he recomends. i am taking all the vitamins you advised. during the program you have me on should i be taking creatine, caffeine, VPX meltdown, yohimbine HCL, alphaburn or any of that stuff? if so, what do you advise and i will do it

    1. Stay away from them for now. You can do it without it you get the diet right. When you head for the stage, that’s a time to discuss perhaps.

  7. sounds like a plan. i hope i can express how much fun im having with this plan, how easy it is and how rewarding it is. i tried to explain IF, marco cycle and lift big to the friends at thanksgiving and they just couldnt get it LOL oh well, ill keep it to myself and take all the ladies this summer!

  8. ok. when i started i was at 145.8lbs. first week i was down to 143.2 and this sunday i was at 141.3. now considering i was already at 8.9% body fat (tested by the bodpod system, not some cheap caliper or scale) this is not water weight or initial fat from a new diet/lifestyle. i have already added 5lbs to my lifts and i am starting to see my abs more sculpt. i wake up feeling fresher and lighter and i never get bloated or feel full after my meals. yes i have the data you gave me to track. the only week i didnt take photos was thanksgiving because i was not at home where my mirror is but that doest matter considering ive take photos the first two weeks. andy, your program is the best i have ever tried! period! end of story. thank you!

    1. Jayson that’s great to hear. If you’d like to share your story, we could do an update to the interview in a few weeks. (i.e. When you have a new photo that looks awesome.) 🙂

  9. just woke up, almost 2 weeks into andy’s program and DAM! i can already see some results. amazing. all hail macro cycles LOL seriously, this is amazing!

  10. you know its amazing finding out how much i “thought” i knew once i started to weigh my food. thanks to andy for my two new best friends. a food scale and crock pot!

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  12. ok i found my PWO carb cocktail LOL. i have been potatoes, grain and rice free for almost 2 years so big step for me.
    200 grams sweet potatoes & 1 TBS really raw honey
    59grams carbs. this is just my sweet potatoes and honey. i still have fruit. PWO im getting a total of 112 grams and carbs and the rest later in the day. total 180 on training days.

  13. one more follow up. i am doing fine hitting my macros with fruit and i even throw some coconut bread in the mix and sometimes some organic pumpkin but by far i am eating my fruit for my PWO carbs. i have been doing well with it. i guess i just wanted to know if the whole fructose/glucose thing was going to prevent me from getting CUT and ripped in my abs????

  14. I agree with Andy’s response to Jason about the potential drawbacks of fruit/fructose as PWO carb source. It is a good idea to focus on carb sources with a track record for getting glucose to the muscles, thus reducing “the chances of spillover into fat stores.” Given my own orientation to Paleo practice, I was drawn at the beginning of my LF odyssey to substitute fruit for grains. But I quickly had second thoughts, because even when you set side by side comparable quantities of fruit and rice — comparable in terms of sheer carbs — you’re going to still be looking at higher sugar content for the fruit. That will have implications depending on various factors, including whether one is on a cut or a slow bulk phase.

    Though I went largely grain-free for about a year (to excellent results all around), I have opted to use potatoes (both white and sweet/yams) for my carb source on LF. I tolerate both well. (I also use white rice on occasion. Interesting choice for me, given that I once viewed white rice as “bad” and only brown rice “as good.” I was never a Hippie but I somehow managed to absorb some of their nutritional nostrums.)

    My research into “things Paleo” has led me to the conclusion that “Paleo Purity” is an elusive quest, and probably a counterproductive one. First, there’s no absolute agreement among Paleo people as to what is and what is not “Paleo.” That’s because there wasn’t some single (monolithic) diet during the Hunter-Gatherer period of our ancestry. True, agriculture did not yet exist, thus today’s widespread consumption of grain was not, to say the least, the human norm.

    But for me, the more fundamental issue is: Just because X was not an option during Paleolithic times, that doesn’t mean X has no potential value to us today. In fact, there are many X factors today that could be considered optimal for human functioning and health — X factors not available thousands of years ago. Thus my own approach is “Paleo Plus.” Pay respect to the practices which certainly helped shape the human genome today, but don’t follow those practices slavishly. Simple example: our ancestors did not consume supplements. Most health-oriented people today are open to supplements of various kinds.

    Of all the grains, I have concluded that the most widely problematic grain is wheat. I am not here to argue that point. I recommend the book “Wheat Belly” and the writings of Robb Wolf (“The Paleo Solution”) and Mark Sisson (“The Primal Blueprint”).

    All in all, I recommend eating real, whole food. Beyond that precept, different individuals may find they need to restrict/replace particular foods, depending on their capacity to tolerate the foods. Decades on a wheat-gluten-sugar-seed-oil based diet has had some unfortunate ramifications. I recommend a trial-and-error approach to various foods.

    The website Paleohacks ( is a great resources for moderate question-answer exploration of the Paleo lifestyle. It features a compelling diversity of perspective. At present there is an interesting conversational thread going on there, on the subject of “safe starches,” pro and con. You can track that debate by typing “safe starches” in the search box. However, I offer a friendly “warning” of sorts: more information is not necessarily better. Perspectives at Paleohacks tend to be mixtures of opinion and fact. People of different sides of the same issue can and do cite their preferred research studies. If your goal is to become an expert on all sides of various issues, then by all means dig in and feel free to spend hours in front of the computer.

    But if your goal is to succeed on your very own IF expedition, and to succeed in terms of your personal goals overall, I recommend keeping your focus simple. Pay attention to your macros. Find personal ways to meet them simply and effectively. Is it possible that today’s basic IF protocols will be different 5 years from now? Sure; there may be useful variations. If so, those will be based on the “accumulation of anomalies” drawn from case studies of many IF dieters. In short, don’t try to reinvent the wheel now, for yourself, vis-a-vis Protein, Carbs, Fat. Likewise, don’t fall prey to the idea that “If 3 gyms days works, maybe 5 days will work better.” There is no good reason to doubt that Martin Berkhan is telling the truth when he says he spend a lot of his own time going down various blind alleys. Why go down new blind alleys of your own, just because that’s your “right”? In other words, yes to trial and error. No, to stupidly wasting your time.

    I would add this final point. Much is said these days about the dangers of chronically elevated insulin levels. Fact: there’s very real danger in that, for most people whose goals do not even approach the IF level of interest or aspiration. Key word “chronic.” Bear in mind that insulin has its place, a crucial place, in nutrient delivery and metabolic functioning. The IF lifestyle optimizes insulin performance, such that insulin “spikes” do occur after PWO meals (especially PWO #1), and that’s precisely what an IF person wants. Importantly, insulin levels stabilize quickly in the post-PWO-meal time frame, including during the fasting window — and this, too, is optimal.

    So don’t let “Insulin is Bad” become a psychic virus, so to speak. Don’t let that view obstruct your proper feeding in order to get maximum IF results. I believe Andrew has an article coming out soon on insulin and leptin. I suspect he’ll speak to some of these same issues.

    Onward to all fantastic success, always! Knowing that you’re all “out there” is a great inspiration to me, and I hope to others reading these words.

  15. so its better to have glucose after workout rather than fructose! the program you put me on, will my results come to a halt if i stick to fructose post workout and not change to glucose?

    1. Yes it would appear that you are better to have glucose post workout. Is relying on fructose taxing on the liver? Will gluconeogenesis (GNG) take care of things given your training and recovery needs? I honestly don’t know. It’s probably not optimal.

      I’ve had a good look around for you and I found this:

      Sweet Potatoes are fine for athletes it says. So they could be your new best friends. I’m sure you’re more familiar with Paleo forums than I though, give it a good search and see what you come up with. I believe there are a lot of Paleo people out there that combine it with LG and have success.

  16. andy, as i mentioned above i am a week into it and i am loving it. with anything my mind always plays tricks on me and i am now wondering your thoughts on the post work out meal. right now its mostly all protein and carbs and my carbs are coming from fruits and raw honey. i am meeting my macros but do you think it matters if my post workout/breaking my fast meal NEEDS to have Dextrose in it? as i mentioned its fruit and raw honey, no Dextrose. does it matter or is Dextrose another main stream broscience belief?

    1. Carbs are needed after your workout.

      Dextrose is glucose. Glucose is needed after a workout, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a product with “Dextrose” written on it, this can just be rice. pasta, bread etc.

      Fruit sugars are fructose. Honey sugars are mainly fructose.

      Fructose do not go to muscle glycogen stores, but to liver glycogen. And as the liver can store a lot less glycogen than the muscles, the chances of spillover into fat stores [DNL] is higher.

      Best for appetite suppression: Glucose > Sucrose > Fructose
      Read here for more details on this:

  17. for anyone considering andy’s program i am a week into it and i can already notice and feel a difference. i am very happy, very happy!

  18. andy, question. my training days are mon, wed and fri. i have something planned for friday and i cant get to the gym so from a macro and training standpoint can i train and macro two days in a row (wed and thursday) and take friday off. just a one time thing not regular?

    1. Would be better to train Saturday if possible to give your body a rest, but if not then that would be fine, as long as you’re not deadlifting one day and squatting the next.

  19. andy thanks again. as a client you have always gotten back to me and thats priceless. thanks again.

  20. andy, thanks for always getting back to me and taking the time to explain. that means a lot as a client. i can really tell you love what you do and you take time, effort and pride to help your clients. i do have a question about carbs, its making me crazy LOL. as you know i really stick to a paleo lifestyle. i dont eat bread, pasta or rice. i try and stick to fruits and veggies. currently to hit my carb macro i am taking in 100grams of brussels sprouts and about 400 grams of fruit (apples and berries) along with some fruit juice. will these sources work or do i really, really need the rice. i can always go with wild rice but i would prefer to stick to fruits. it sounds like alot but i can do it. if fruits are ok do i subtract the fiber carbs or count all carb content of the fruits and veggies?

    1. I have another client, Keith, that lives the Paleo lifestyle. I’ve sent him an e-mail now asking him if he has time to answer your question & sent him a link to this page. He’s been doing this for around 8 weeks now I thought it would be great for you to get his perspective on things.

    2. I eat Paleo, also. The way I hit my carb count? Sweet Potatoes. It’s super easy to get your carb count this way. It’s what I do. 🙂

      And personally, I count all of the carbs, including fiber… but I could be wrong.

  21. phil thanks for the comment. it was a long road but it was fun. it was fun learning new things along the way even though most of it came to a halt when i discovered IF. dont be so hard on yourseld, we all have the will power. its human natural, what we lack is the disipline. to be great, you must first see yourself as great. when my health starting going down hill at age 36 i had no choice. play time was over. its true what they say, work now live later. i plan to do alot of living from now on!

  22. Andy,

    what would you recommend for someone who wants to shed a lot of fat in the sjortest amount of time? My brother-in-law is leaving for vacation and wants to look good. I mentioned that I have been following this approach for about 2 months with great success. He asked if it could be modified to drop weight and fat fast. I told him I would ask you. What should I tell him: your s___ out of luck or we can work with something? He has about 6 weeks before he leaves for vacation


    1. Anything done in an unstable, unsustainable way sets people up for a hideous rebound that will be depressing and hinder any long term change. This is especially true for your friend that’s going on holiday and will probably binge when he gets there.

      Crash diets (very low calorie) will work but they are not sustainable, and thus when introducing more food back into the mix, with unstable hormones, set you up for a rebound unless careful, controlled planning is considered after.

      In the same way, this is why I think 5 days a week cardio with 3 days gym is a bad way to go – lack of sustainability. Especially as this usually just covers diet flaws.

      However, to answer your question above, yes. Google “Protein Sparing Modified Fast.” I do not advise this for the reasons above. Much better to do the IF, either Eat-Stop-Eat style (very easy to do) or LG style (much more targeted), to set himself up for long term success.

  23. Jayson,

    Really awesome progress! I was in the same boat as you. I would eat six meals a day only to see my weight increase and decease while seeing no change in body comp.

    I think you should get props for realizing the problem and sticking to it by yourself. I am sure you will reach your goal of 6 pack abs in no time! Also, great dedication, I do not think I would have enough will power to follow through by myself. Congrats and good luck.

    best of luck

    1. Thank you Jayson! You beat me to the first comment with the surgery so i’ll write the details here. Thanks for letting me post this:

      “When i was born i was 8 weeks premature. this was not very common back in 1974. I had hyaline membrane disease and jaundice. to save my life they performed a blood exchange below my belly button. if you look at the first photo i sent you you will notice a scar directly below my belly button. over the course of growing up and becoming an adult the scar attached itself to a muscle causing discomfort and skin to gather around the scar. losing 60lbs didnt help the scar at all. it made it worse. after i went from 200lbs to 140lbs i had the scar removed. it was a pretty crazy operation. they actully cut out my old belly button and gave me a new one. they also removed all the loose skin i had around my belly button. post surgry, the new scar looks worse but its still healing and settling. the doctors advised me it would take a year to look better and i plan to get a tattoo over it. none the less i dont have skin gathered up near my belly button and discomfort.”

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