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I don’t believe in supplements: just real food and big meals.

Nutrition is key to both fat loss and building muscle.

There are no secrets nor hacks, but when you understand the core underlying principles, you will no longer find yourself frustrated by plateaus because you’ll know your way around them.

Let me teach you how, when, and what to eat, so you stop wasting time and start chasing down your goals.

The Problem With Keto

Keto is trendy right now, in a way that the paleo diet was a few years ago, and many other diets before it. The problem is that when something trends, the algorithm’s reward extreme claims. The loudest voices rise to the top, muddying the waters for all…

The Problem With Genetic Testing

I had a friend tell me the other day that he can’t drink dairy. “I also learned I should lift with high reps because my body type isn’t suited to strength work, and I need to do HIIT cardio to optimize fat burn.” Oh boy, people rarely respond well to…

Should I Count ‘Net Carbs’ Or All Carbs?

In this article, I argue that for simplicity, people should count all carbs (including sugar alcohols) as 4 kcal per gram, and ignore the net carb concept. Only counting ‘net carbs’ is a mistake. If you google, “what are net carbs?” you currently get this pop up first: “The term…

Updated Bulking Guidelines

I’ve made changes to the rates I recommend people aim to gain weight at when bulking. This was sparked when I received a comment from a reader last week on the Calorie and Macro Calculator, asking why the calculations there did not match what I have in my How To Bulk Without…

Thanksgiving & Christmas Eating Tips

For Thanksgiving (or Christmas), the main thing is that you don’t use it as an excuse to binge eat. I imagine you’ll eat a very good-sized meal and probably have a dessert too. At the high end, that’ll be something like 1500 kcal over your usual consumption for the day….

Debunking ‘The Game Changers’ Netflix Documentary

‘The Game Changers’ documentary attempts to scare people into being vegan with false health and performance claims. That’s not cool. This article addresses those claims. (If you are looking for vegan nutritional advice, I’ve written an article for you here.) Netflix has dropped a giant turd on my industry again….

The Calorie And Macro Calculator

This calculator is built on the back of 9 years of experience coaching people online, full time. They’re based on the recommendations in my book, The Muscle and Strength Nutrition Pyramid, which is a 290-page, fully-referenced guide for powerlifters and physique athletes. But if you think you wondering whether the…

The Reverse Dieting Myth

Reverse dieting — the latest thing the fitness kids have decided to flex their orthorexia about. I thought this shit had died a few years ago, but alas, I’m getting a fair few questions about recently, so let me put this one to bed before explaining how to finish a…

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