The Definitive Guide to Tracking Progress

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This article isn’t for casual trainees. It’s for those of you that are putting in a serious amount of effort with your training and nutrition. You owe it to yourself to take the 10-15 minutes each week track your progress seriously, to ensure you get the results you deserve. Without proper tracking data, you won’t be able to gauge whether … Read More

5 Steps to Arming the Public Against Charlatans and Fraudsters in the Fitness Industry

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“This is one of the most important articles I’ve ever written. Maybe the most important one in terms of getting this message across to practitioners.” – Alan Aragon It’s my pleasure and honor to share with you this guest article today by mentor and friend, legendary sports nutritionist and researcher, Alan Aragon. Alan opened my eyes to the shenanigans of the fitness … Read More

The Diet Adjustment Mastery Mini Course

The Diet Adjustment Mastery Mini CourseDon't let your nutrition plan hold back your progress.This is a free, 7 part email course summarizing all the key points of dietary fine tuning. In my complete nutrition set-up guide I explained how to set a calorie deficit or surplus, but didn't cover the 'how' and the 'when' of making fine tune adjustments to ... Read More

Mindless Eating: How to Make Healthier Choices Without Thinking

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I want to tell you about a powerful tool that often goes neglected among both fitness enthusiasts and people who are just beginning to diet. Imagine that you’re in the following situation: You come home from work. You’re exhausted. You’re hungry. You’ve had a long and stressful day and you just don’t feel like doing anything other than sitting around. You certainly don’t … Read More

The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Diet

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The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Diet This is my attempt at building the most complete and thorough guide on the internet, teaching you how to set up your diet to crush your fat loss and muscle growth goals. It's free, because I want you to share it, and I want to strike a blow to the supplement scammers ... Read More

How To Adjust Your Diet To Successfully Bulk

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‘To Bulk’ – Gain body weight, with the primary goal of gaining muscle. There is an absence of quality diet advice out there for people trying to bulk. ‘Eat more!’ lacks the detail and finesse to optimize things, ‘Calculate your macros, train hard’ – misses the fundamental point that as we progress, calorie and macronutrient needs change and adjustments are necessary to … Read More

‘The Lean Muscle Diet’ – A Detailed Review of Lou Schuler and Alan Aragon’s New Book

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Lou Schuler is an award-winning fitness journalist and author. Alan Aragon is one of the world’s most influential figures in the modern movement towards evidence-based sports nutrition. They have the best part of 50 years of experience on the right side of this industry between them, and this is their first book collaboration. Knowing the work of both of these gentleman, … Read More

How to Find Maintenance Calorie Intake After Dieting

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You can eat a lot more and maintain most, if not all of your leanness, after dieting. But people screw this up. They either diet blindly without ever thinking how they were going to maintain it, diet too hard for too long and then can’t maintain it, or they mess up a calculation trying to maintain it. When people ask the above question then, … Read More