The Intermediate Bodybuilding Sample Program

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This is a sample bodybuilding program from The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid book. The explanation section in the book is fairly detailed, so I have cut it down to give just the overview, relevant notation and exercise selection explanations. It is my goal that this, the Intermediate Powerlifting Program, and the Detailed Guide to Training Progression articles bring the … Read More

The Intermediate Powerlifting Sample Program

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The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books were released at the end of last year to rave reviews and continue to be exceptionally popular. This is a sample powerlifting program from the training book. The explanation section there is fairly detailed, so I have cut it down to give just the overview, relevant notation, and exercise selection explanations. It is my … Read More

A Detailed Guide To Training Progression

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What follows are the exact initial guidelines on training progression that I give to clients. They are an abbreviated version of the guidelines in The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid book that I co-authored with Eric Helms and Andrea Valdez. They are exceptionally logical and structured, the antithesis to the approach of just hitting the gym, smashing some weights and hoping for … Read More

Crushing Online Coaching For Aesthetics, by Bryan Krahn

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Not long ago, I found myself getting grilled on Facebook over the concept of hypertrophy training. “Strength and hypertrophy training are the same thing,” my critic wrote, with all the passionate intensity of someone who spends a lot of time on social media but not a whole lot else. While strength and hypertrophy training are more similar than they are … Read More

A Course on How to Implement RPE in Your Training

Implementing RPE in your TrainingA free email course by Eric Helms and Andy MorganRate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is about programming intensity of effort, rather than just intensity of load. This 5 part email course will show you how to implement RPE into your training programs to match your load to your readiness, manage fatigue more effectively and make faster ... Read More

Fixed Incremental Loading Plans | Stronglifts

LOADING INCREMENTS: Why don’t you like fixed loading plans? I’m not a fan of set and fixed incremental loading plans. As a coach I know very well why they are recommended though (the Stronglifts program is an example) – because if you don’t tell people to go up in slow and steady increments, they get overexcited, make big jumps in … Read More