“Before I hired Andy I found myself consistently frustrated, not knowing what to do. I’d like to share my big takeaways with you in the hope that they are useful.

  1. The value of detailed tracking to take the emotion out of things. – This allows for objectivity and comfort that we are making the right decisions.
  2. While I have learned that consistency, overall, is key, I know that if I bust my macros one day, I don’t need to worry about it. – It is our daily habits that make the difference over the long term, not the occasions.
  3. By not training to failure and leaving some reps ‘in the tank;’ I have recovered better and progressed better as we’ve been able to increase the overall training volume.

I’m progressing with all my lifts, and I get unsolicited compliments at the gym with people asking me(!) for advice now. I’m really happy with things.”

Charlie is one of my longest running clients, and we are continuing to work together. We are now part way through his second bulk. (We did a slow cut to start. Then bulked and cut again, which took us to the photo on the right.)

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