Podcast Interview #11 – Andrea Valdez on Building the Coach-Client Relationship

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Andrea is a member of the 3D Muscle Journey bodybuilding and powerlifting coaching team. She is a bodybuilder, Grid competitor, and is my co-author on the Muscle and Strength Pyramid books. Today’s conversation covers three main topics:

  1. Coaching philosophy and building the coach-client relationship.
  2. The importance of getting “un-lean” after competing when moving into a muscle gain phase.
  3. How training for another sport has made her a better bodybuilder and may be something worth consideration.

At the end of the podcast, we went a little off topic with Andrea schooling me on how to use Instagram and Snapchat. I hope you enjoy this conversation with the absolute bundle of energy that is… Andrea Valdez! 🙂 Read More

The Intermediate Bodybuilding Sample Program

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This is a sample bodybuilding program from The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid book. The explanation section in the book is fairly detailed, so I have cut it down to give just the overview, relevant notation and exercise selection explanations. It is my goal that this, the Intermediate Powerlifting Program, and the Detailed Guide to Training Progression articles bring the site up to speed with the level of training programming that I typically find myself using with coaching clients nowadays. I hope you find them useful. Read More

The Intermediate Powerlifting Sample Program

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The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books were released at the end of last year to rave reviews and continue to be exceptionally popular. This is a sample powerlifting program from the training book. The explanation section there is fairly detailed, so I have cut it down to give just the overview, relevant notation, and exercise selection explanations. It is my goal that this, the Intermediate Bodybuilding Sample Program, and the Detailed Guide to Training Progression articles bring the site up to speed with the level of training programming that I typically find myself using with coaching clients nowadays. I hope you find them useful. Read More

A Detailed Guide To Training Progression

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What follows are the exact initial guidelines on training progression that I give to clients. They are an abbreviated version of the guidelines in The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid book that I co-authored with Eric Helms and Andrea Valdez.

They are exceptionally logical and structured, the antithesis to the approach of just hitting the gym, smashing some weights and hoping for progress. They will stop you from wrecking your joints when starting out by increasing the weight you lift too quickly, and they will help prevent you from stalling for months on end, often without you realizing it. If you put the effort to read, understand and implement these instructions they are going to pay off for you big time. I will be waiting in Tokyo for you to buy me an overpriced craft beer as a thank you. 😉 Read More

Podcast Interview #10 – Dr. Spencer Nadolsky on How You Can Win the Battle with Obesity

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Spencer is an American family physician who specializes in helping people with obesity. He helps his patients with lifestyle interventions first, via diet and exercise, before using to his prescription pad wherever possible.

We talk about many topics: why obesity has been recently classified as a disease, why calories in vs calories out is what determines weight loss, but telling someone to eat less and move more doesn’t generally work, how spencer gets buy in from his patients, how certain medicines can cause side effects that hamper weight loss, how to look at and interpret your cholesterol numbers, and the potential dangers of bulletproof coffee. Read More

The Definitive Guide to Tracking Your Diet and Training Progress

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Diet Progress Tracking Guide - Rippedbody.com

This article isn’t for casual trainees. It’s for those of you that are putting in a serious amount of effort with your training and nutrition. You owe it to yourself to take the 10-15 minutes each week track your progress seriously, to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Without proper tracking data, you won’t be able to gauge whether or not you are progressing as hoped. You won’t have objective data points from which to base your decisions off of when you stall in some area, and there is a good chance that you will get stuck spinning your wheels not knowing what to tweak to get yourself back on track. Perhaps you’ve already experienced this frustration?

Consider the following:

  • A lack of weight change does not necessarily mean that body fat hasn’t been lost.
  • A weight increase doesn’t necessarily mean that body fat has been gained.
  • Weight gain when bulking won’t be from muscle alone.
  • A lack of training progress doesn’t necessarily mean that a training plan is to blame.
  • Body fat measurement methods all have accuracy issues, so they can’t be relied upon to gauge progress in the short term.

If the way you’re currently tracking isn’t sufficient to tease out the differences, then you need to improve it. Fortunately, this article is here to help. It will guide you through the art of proper progress tracking that I’ve developed over the last five and a half years from working with clients online. It is easy to understand, quick to implement, and I’ve included a spreadsheet tracker you can download also. Read More

Podcast Interview #9 – Mark Fisher on Embracing Weirdness and Fostering a Unique Culture to Build NYC’s Most Profitable Gym

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Mark Fisher Podcast Interview by Andy Morgan, Rippedbody.com

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Mark is the man behind Mark Fisher Fitness, a unique gym in New York City. Actually, as Mark will tell you, it’s not a gym, it’s a club house, they don’t have members, they have ninjas, Mark is the ninja master, and their tagline is Serious Fitness for Ridiculous Humans.

Now if all of this sounds a bit weird, that’s because it is. But embracing weirdness is what has catapulted Mark’s gym to huge success over the last five years. In terms of profit per square foot, it’s the most successful Gym in NYC, which likely makes it one of the most successful gyms in the world. Mark has achieved this by building a unique and vibrant culture, and in this interview, we take a deep dive into exactly how and why he did that. Read More

Podcast Interview #8 – Jordan Syatt on Chasing Experience, Working With Gary Vaynerchuk, and Embracing the Grind

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Jordan Syatt Podcast Interview by Andy Morgan

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Jordan is 25 but already has an 11-year personal training career under his belt. What’s most impressive to me about Jordan is how relentless he’s been about putting himself in positions where he could intern under some of the best coaches in the world.

What he’s currently doing right now is no exception, except that he’s getting a business education of a lifetime. Jordan is Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainer. If you know Gary’s work then you probably have an idea of how intense this is. Jordan is contracted to train him every day, for three years, with no holiday, and gets flown around everywhere he goes.

In this interview, I dig into the details of  how Jordan coaches his clients in person and online, and how working with Gary over the last 6 months has influenced his business for the better. Read More

Podcast Interview #7 – Sol Orwell on Building Your Fitness Business

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Sol Orwell Podcast Interview with Andy Morgan

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It is no exaggeration to say that Sol Orwell knows everyone in fitness. He is on the advisory board for Schwarzenegger.com, has built Examine.com into the world’s biggest supplement information site, and yet, he has only been in the industry for five and a half years.

This success is no accident. From SEO to online gaming, Sol has been building and selling businesses based out of his interests since he was 16 and retired twice now. How did he achieve this and what lessons are there for us in the fitness industry?

I spent the last week hanging out with Sol in Toronto, and took the opportunity to record an interview on the last day before leaving for the airport. We get stuck into the following topics: Building a business and network through cookies, the importance of letting employees shine, the importance of expressing gratitude daily. Controversies, the importance of seeing the bigger picture when looking to make an impact, and where Sol feels fitness professionals get it wrong. Read More