“The coaching was absolutely top notch, and Andy kept me motivated throughout the process.

To me, the most valuable part was the presence of a very smart coach on the other side when I started having doubts or when I thought I should stop because I am “lean enough”.

Andy kept me focused on the bigger picture all throughout, and that’s just priceless because if I was doing it by myself, I would have stopped halfway through thinking I can get back to bulking, and would have remained in that purgatory indefinitely.

In addition, one of the biggest lessons that I learned was that when you go on a diet, about halfway through, you feel small and deflated, but if you keep at it and just let the coach do their job, the place you end up at is much more satisfying and exciting.”

Weight: 161lbs -> 142lbs,
Stomach: 32.5” -> 28.6”
2KB Front Squat: 90lbs x 8reps -> 125lbs x 5reps
Deadlift: 235lbs x 4reps -> 290lbs x 5reps

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