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This page features links to websites that I consider to be the best nutrition and training resources currently available.

Monthly Research Reviews

Making sense of the latest research is exceptionally hard, I trust these guys to do it. These monthly publications slightly geekier than my average reader will be looking for, but this is where I mainly learn from.  Here is the list of what my team and I are subscribed to:

Nutrition resources

Training resources

  • – The best site on the theory behind lifting bar none.
  • & – They work with top-level athletes in the Boston and Florida areas. Their sites are excellent – injury prevention, warm-ups, mobility drills, hundreds of excellent videos on how to actually lift.

Instructional videos

My books for sale

Other book recommendations

About the Author

Andy Morgan

I am the founder of, this is my sincere effort to build the best nutrition and training guides on the internet. Some readers hire me to coach them, which I've been doing online, via email, for the last six years. If you're interested in individualized, one-on-one nutrition and training coaching to help you crush your physique goals, let's start the conversation.


  1. Raza says:

    Nice list.

    I like MarksDailyApple and BuiltLean because they share lots of fitness and nutrition research also.

    1. Andy Morgan says:

      Thanks for sharing. First time hearing of the latter.

  2. Damian says:

    Do you have any advice on dealing with sugar cravings (which then leads to binging)? I struggle with it the most on Friday evenings where a small treat turns into ‘arhhh have to eat everything in sight until I feel sick before eating well again for the next week’. Especially when after 2 weeks, my weight stayed the same, but waist increased a little (tiny tiny) bit (during a cut). A lot of work and effort for 2 weeks with nothing to show for it. This is where I mentally start to crack.

    I try to do a bit of damage limitation with a 24 hour fast on saturdays, but in the long term I’d rather try a better solution.

    Recently found your site/leangains and really liking the approach by the way. Thanks for all the guidance and free resources!

    1. Andy Morgan says:

      Damian, thanks for the comment. Though Alex has a good point, given that you said you gained weight it’s not likely that you’re cutting too hard.
      Is it that you’ve been putting sugar off the menu or limiting it unnecessarily?

      If you would prefer to have more sugars in replacement of starch carbs on some days to help you through then that will work fine.
      Fruits are a good way to get a sugar fix. Chocolate protein powder blended with milk and ice is also a good and quick way to satisfy sweet cravings.

      1. Damian says:

        I usually have a piece of dark chocolate a few times a week to help with cravings, and it generally works well for that day. I don’t tend to get a lot of sugar via other sources though. I’ve recently added a fruit or two and it’s working so far (real test comes Friday evening/weekend!). Never actually had chocolate protein powder with milk. Will try it on Friday to see if the milk/ice make it taste any better than just water! Thanks for the reply/suggestion!

        1. Andy Morgan says:


    2. Alex Coppola says:

      hey man cutting can be very hard , i know what you mean by mentally cracking after a full week of dieting, but don’t worry sometimes you need to take a step back to take 2 steps forward,

      sugar cravings in my opinion are mostly due to under-eating, i combat this by drinking 2 or 3 glass of cold water and then maybe having a protein shake with something like cottage cheese , you cant fight the craving but you can sure fight the hunger !!

      Oh and chromium helps picolinate alot , take no more then 600 mg a day ( 3 x 200g ) with meals .

      1. Damian says:

        hey cheers for reply Alex. In the past I’ve tried to think one step back, 2 step forwards, but it ended up as an excuse for binging once a week. I think if I did it once a month, I’d be more alright with it.

        I used to think it was related to hunger too, but I’m generally OK during the week/weekends (mostly because I drink gallons of water/green tea). I think I pinned it down to tiredness, bit of stress and boredom. A combination of those trigger chocolate/ice cream signals for me.

        Talking about it now actually makes me realize it might have been about frustration (lack of progress, not having dropped weight/waist size that morning, leading to ‘screw it, what’s the point, have that cookie’ mentality in evening). Ha, who knew simply talking about it could help!

        Thanks Alex!

        1. Alex Coppola says:

          hey Damian,

          i was the king at sabotaging myself, i use to be on point perfect diet and training and not see results , i would then up cardio and cut carbs even more , the results were always bad , progress became worser and i felt flat and soft ( fn cortisol loll) then i would just say screw it and just binge like crazy.

          Everything changed when i finally started working with a coach who takes my measures every 2 weeks, even if the scale is not moving i can now see progress. Sometimes progress is not visible , fat shifts from different places , some measures go down while others more apparent ( chest and stomach ) stay the same . Even if i don’t see progress i no im on the right track because measurements go down .At that point every thing changed , i was not impatient or frustrated anymore and my cortisol levels wet down .

          Also o saw a major change by cutting sodium to a minimum , i use to compensate my boring diet by salting my food like crazy results where water retention and a soft looked. I went cold turkey and cut out salt to a minimum i tightened up overnight

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