A few years ago, I had a podcast, but I dropped it to focus on other projects. I may resurrect it at some point, but I hope you enjoy the episodes recorded.

Below the player, you’ll see a list of the podcasts that I have been interviewed on. If you’re after the most recent and wish to understand why I coach the way I do, start with this one.

(Note: The Facebook group I mentioned in some episodes is dead; I decided to go all-in on my Instagram instead: @andy_rippedbody)

Podcasts I've Been A Guest On

  1. Sigma Nutrition Radio #382 | Planning Phases of Body Composition Change
  2. Sigma Nutrition Radio #216 | Experiences & Philosophies of a World-Class Coach
  3. Sigma Nutrition Radio #101 | Being a Better Coach and Prioritization via the Muscle & Strength Pyramids
  4. Revive Stronger #35 | Data Collection for Dietary Success
  5. The Online Fitness Business Podcast | Online Coaching, Email Marketing, and More
  6. StrongerByScience | Greg Nuckols and I chatting about fitness while drinking strong craft beers. (Video)
  7. Side Quest Fitness | Loving What You Do, How a Book and Getting Hit by a Truck Can Change Your Direction in Life
  8. Revolutionary You! #74 | Coaching Strategies
  9. Propane Fitness #43 | From Conception to Thriving Business – The Evolution of Rippedbody.com
  10. HPA Podcast #19 | Fat Loss Diets & Weight Fluctuations, Tracking Progress & Client Communication
  11. Muscle Box Radio #29 | Foundations of Nutrition and Training
  12. JPS Health and Fitness #31 | Goal Setting & Success in Physique (Video)
  13. N1 Fitness Podcast #18 | Choosing a Coach That’s Right For You
  14. Lean Ripped And Healthy Radio | How to Avoid Protein Powder Scams
  15. MTFP #18 | Mastering Efficiency In And Out Of The Gym
  16. Expat Startups #3 | Starting the Biggest Fitness Site in Japan
  17. Lift The Bar #266 | Structuring Online Coaching Check-ins & Prioritizing Content Creation
  18. Lift The Bar #279 | Client Acquisition, Imposter Syndrome, & Creating Blog Posts


James Clear on How Small Habits Can Lead to Remarkable Results

What I am about to tell you is obvious but often overlooked: To achieve your physique goals, you need to make a habit of the actions that will get you there. I have to remind clients of this when they beat themselves up unnecessarily after a single slip up. “We are the product of…

Hypertrophy Researcher, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, Answers Your Questions

Dr. Brad Schoenfeld is a prolific research machine and an absolute asset to the lifting community.  I’m ecstatic to have been able to steal an hour of his time to have him answer reader questions. The key topics we covered are considerations for older lifters, hypertrophy mechanisms, training splits, the value of mind-muscle connection, and how to tell if you…

Menno Henselmans on How to Stay in Shape While Traveling

Recorded in my living room in Tokyo, Coach Menno Henselmans of BayesianBodybuilding.com shares tips on how he has stayed jacked and shredded while traveling for the last five years. I also asked Menno about the somewhat controversial topic of race-based muscular potential, why he isn’t a fan of HIIT, why…

Patrick Umphrey on the Power of Empathy for Building Community

This time I have Patrick Umphrey on the show, the man behind the legendary “Eat. Train. Progress.” Facebook group. I talk to him about the power of empathy when working with clients, building that community, and how that has lead to a stream of applicants for his coaching business.

Community Trumps Marketing: How Luka Hocevar Built a 7-figure Gym

This interview with Luka Hocevar was absolutely epic. Luka owns Vigor Ground fitness, a 12,000 square foot facility just outside of Seattle in a town called Renton. It’s the best gym I have ever walked into, so I invited Luka on to talk about his journey to opening that, from…

Second Special Reader Q&A with Coach Andy Morgan

On this episode, I answer questions from members of The RippedBody.com Family Facebook Group, we discuss newbie gains, intermittent fasting, adjustments when moving to a bulk and much more. Thanks to all of the group members that submitted your questions.

Mike Tuchscherer on Building Champions With Better Recovery

“The thing that ties all lifters together, regardless of their level, is that we are all interested in getting to the next PR.” On this episode, I interview Mike Tuchscherer, founder of Reactive Training Systems, and father of using ‘Rate of Perceived Exertion’ (RPE) based on ‘reps in reserve’ to modulate…

Greg Nuckols on Squats, Progressive Overload, and Muscle Gain

In this 3-part interview, I meet with Greg Nuckols of StrongerbyScience.com, we talk about a variety of topics including how he started out in the industry and has come to speak internationally in such a short period of time, how crucial he feels it is to read research yourself versus rely on…

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