Scott – New Zealand

I found the change to IF liberating, enlightening and a whole lot easier than I had anticipated. I had become a slave to the kitchen and my tupperware. Before IF my whole life revolved around what time I had to be back, what time we could leave, what I needed to take. It was exhausting. I moved to 2 meals a day and I’ve never looked back, it just felt right. Using simple rules to add macros, not sweating the decimals and odd numbers having someone as helpful and accommodating and Andy to talk me through really (without sounding too dramatic) gave me my life back. I instantly had so much more time, my energy levels were increased and I felt great. All the time. I no longer needed a nap in the afternoon and as for my training that’s been taken to a whole new level.”

Scott actually got bigger and stronger despite dieting, which is the exception rather than the norm with experienced lifters.

Age: 36 Height: 186cm (~6’1′′) Weight: 91.0kg (200.2lbs) -> 85.4kg (187.9lbs) Stomach: 86.0cm (33.9′′) -> 77.5cm (30.5′′) @navel Squat: 145kg x 5reps -> 162.5kg x 5reps Dips: BW+40kg x 6reps -> BW+60kg x 4reps Deadlift: 185kg x 4reps -> 195kg x 3reps Chin-Up: BW+40kg x 5reps -> BW+45kg x 5reps

Chest +3cm Legs +2cm Arms + 1cm

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