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Running a popular site is immensely rewarding but the questions can be overwhelming. I respond to everyone, I just ask that you help me organize my workflow by asking me in the right place.

  1. If you have a question, please ask me in the site comments on any article related to the topic. I’ve answered close to 20,000.
  2. I don’t accept questions via email, this is for coaching clients only. Details about my coaching services here.
  3. Please don’t message me on Facebook messenger. They come through to my phone and I don’t want work on my mind when I’m trying to relax.
  4. If you have a question relating to one of my books, you’ll see a support email address on the inside covers.
  5. Sales emails will be ignored.
    • Advertising is not accepted nor do I do affiliate marketing. My readership is not for sale.
    • I’m not interested in buying, using, or advising on your mobile app or coaching software.
    • I’m not looking for help with my advertising strategy, marketing, or SEO.

Something else?

You know my website name and you know my first name. You’re not a robot, right? So you can guess my email address.
– Andy