There’s a 50-50 chance that you’re on this page because I sent you a link to it. Regardless, thank you for reaching out.

Running a popular site is immensely rewarding but the inbound can be overwhelming.

I’ve made these policies to treat everyone fairly (including myself).


I’m happy to answer any reader question, but only in the comments on articles.

(Email is for clients only. DMs on social media are for my private life.)

This helps other readers and the site with Google rank.

If you look at the comment section on any article on the site, you’ll see that I have answered all 17,000+ of them, within 24 hours (excluding weekends), and have consistently done so for over 8 years.

But please consider checking the FAQ first and use the search bar in the menu before posting.

Coaching — If you’re looking for information about coaching and the application form, please see here.

Translations — If you’re interested in translating something (or seeing my work in other languages), please see here.

The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books — My co-authors and I came to an agreement that we’d direct all questions to the support page we created. You’ll see Eric and I have answered 988 of them.


Please use the contact form below. Know that…

  1. My readership is not for sale. No advertising, affiliate marketing, paid links, nor guest posts are accepted.
  2. I’m happy to accept Podcast requests from thoughtful hosts, regardless of audience size, as long as our schedules align.