If you’d like to translate something, see here.

Translations of My Articles and Books

I am very fortunate to have people like my writing enough that they wish to translate it. Here is a full list of what is currently available.





  • We are currently in negotiations with an Italian publishing house to have physical versions of The Muscle and Strength Pyramids.



  • is a full Japanese version of this site.
  • A shortened version of The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid is available for free, here.
  • The full versions of all books are planned for release by the end of 2018.

Information for Those That Would Like to Translate Something

If you would like to translate something, firstly, I think that’s awesome. Here’s why…

My career in this industry was born from the desire to help people in Japan by translating articles to fight the industry bullshit. That was back in 2011 when it started as a little blog. We have since built that out to be the most respected fitness site in the country. (You can read about that journey here.)

If you would like to join the fight to make the industry in your country better, translating some already existing articles is a great place to start, and the evidence-based fitness community will love you for it.

Category 1: Articles, currently publicly available online for free, translated and republished for free

To anyone that asks if they can translate an article of mine that is already out on the internet for free, the answer is a resounding YES…

…as long as all the following conditions are met:

  • Don’t duplicate work. Seek to find if there is a version in your language already out there first before proceeding.
  • Let me know when you have chosen an article, what specifically it is you wish to translate. This way, if I know of someone currently in the process of translating it I can let you know.
  • Do a good job. This means the language and the presentation. Would your standard of writing pass for a major publication? If not, improve it. It’s not just your name on it, but mine. I get translated work checked, if you do a sloppy job I will ask that you delete it.
  • Keep all links and give credit to the work with my name.
  • Do a good job.
  • Let me know when it is done so I can link to it here. This makes us both look good and helps with your Google rank.
  • Do a really fucking good job!

Sound fair enough?

Category 2: Paid Products

Now, when it comes to translating paid products, this is very different. They cannot be put out for free because that would stop us from selling it in that market in the future, and a partner to do that needs to be chosen very carefully.

It would need to be someone with an established audience (1), with a history of selling digital products (2), who is evidence-based with information that matches up with what we have (3), they would need to have access to a professional translator (4) with experience translating fitness information (5) who could get the job done at a very high quality (6).

Unfortunately, it is VERY rare to find someone with all those things lined up. However, for anyone that has all those ducks in a row, I am interested in speaking to. I have Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish versions of my book (The Last Shred) and The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books all on the way.

If this is not you, then don’t get disheartened. My own journey in Japan started out from a similar place. I wanted to help but had no audience and skill set to do so. Fortunately, determination and persistence can get you far.

I started out by approaching respected western fitness professionals and asking if I could translate the free articles that they had out in English for free. I paid to get them translated and put them out on a blog, asked for nothing in return for years (and lost money doing so), and built a loyal audience (eventually)/ It is only now, six years later, that we are ready to put out a paid-for product. So it can be done, even without experience (at first), but the first step is to try translating the one free article and see how it is received. – Consider this is the litmus test for yourself, you’ll quickly find out whether it is something you wish to continue with.

Hope that helps.

If you wish to get in contact, you know my website name, you know my first name. If you’re not a robot you should be able to guess my email address.

– Andy