Joe – USA

“Crazy to think this is my 12 week update and the end of this journey. I am more than happy with the results that we were able to achieve and I can certainly appreciate the before and after pictures. I really couldn’t have asked for a better motivator and coach, your service is worth every penny. I wish you continued success with your business and personal life, thanks again Andy.”

He was doing a bodybuilding split before, which is why is strength increased when cutting down the training and focusing on mainly the barbell work. Were there any muscle gains? Well, the legs are 1cm bigger, and the chest/back (down only 1.5cm) and arms (down by only 1.5cm) have been maintained better than expected given the weight loss so it’s likely there was a small amount.

Weight: 183lbs -> 169.7lbs, Stomach: 31.5” -> 28.2”
Deadlift: 230lbs x 5reps -> 335lbs x 5reps, Squat: 185lbg x 5reps -> 295lbs x 5reps Benchpress: 185lbs x 5reps -> 225lbs x 5reps

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