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These are former clients who wanted to share their journeys in the hope of inspiring you on yours. It would be easy to simply cherry-pick the best results here trying to impress you, but that wouldn’t be as useful. Instead them I’ve included a lot of variety here in the hope that you can find someone that you can relate to.

Everyone starts at a different point and has their own unique journey. By no means do the people here consider themselves the finished product – we all raise the bar for ourselves as we progress. You’re inevitably going to want to look and compare as you progress, we all do, here is the main thing – if you are becoming a better version of yourself, that’s all that matters.

Click any picture to see a bigger picture and read the full details. A lot of clients prefer to stay anonymous and they simply write a testimonial instead. You can read these in the comments sections here and on the coaching application page.

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  1. Asimakis

    Hey Andy,

    I’ve recently read a bunch of articles in your site as well as the complete guide to set up your diet. The problem is that,reading your article “Physique Goal Setting” i cant really categorize myself at one of these sections.I might be a purgatory or a skinny fat guy.My last measurements are 15.20% body fat at 82 kg body weight,and 1.92 meters height.While i aim for a muscle gain and bofy fat loss, i barely see results. My calorie intake is about 2500 calories per day,i know a bit low.Lastly,i do crossfit 4 or 5 times a only questio is,could you please give me a hint about what to aim what? I defintely need muscles(performance wise),but gaining fat is a grim option because i was overweight at a younger age and becoming again fat causes headaches.

    Thank you for the tons of useful informations sharing with us.

    1. Andy Morgan

      Hi Aki, thanks for the comment. Lean out slowly (i.e. maintain a calorie deficit so that you’re losing ~0.2-0.3kg per week) while training for progressive overload. If you’re new to training the Crossfit should do it. You’ll gain muscle while leaning out this way.

      The bigger issue may be that you’re not tracking your progress in sufficiently enough detail. I’m basing this off your comment that you’re not “seeing” results. Nine body measurements, scale weight taken daily and then averaged at the end of the week, decisions based on this. That’s the key to continually progressing.

      Here’s how I recommend you track:
      How To Track Your Progress Like A Pro, To Ensure Body Composition Goal Success

      1. Asimakis

        Hey Andy again,

        It is true that my bigger problem might be the fact i do not track my progress in detail. What i did not mentioned is that i started a more strict diet like 4 months ago and about 1 month ago, i finally saw a six pack.The issue is that even with a slight calorie surplus, i continue to lose fat,or at least looking more lean.My greater problem,as i already mentioned, is to put on muscle and even further,quality muscle. I’ll try a heavier training program,with more calories just to see if there are some actual changes,because i cannot afford losing more wait.Then again,thank you for your enlightening reply,it help me a lot, and it gave me food for thought.

        Thank you again.

  2. josh

    Going to have to second the usability issues. I can’t open the “results” progress pictures in a new tab, so each time I view one & then “go back”, I have to click through the pages & find where I left off. Makes it very annoying when I just want to go through a simple gallery.

    1. Andy Morgan

      Josh, thanks for the heads up/reminder. The results page is something I’ve been meaning to come back to and fix, as currently it’s not up to the same standard of the rest of the site anymore. – I tried to make it fancy and it backfired. I’ll go with a simple gallery when I revamp it.

  3. Kyril

    Hey Andy,

    I just started eating much more ever since I read your diet guide and I’ve been having stomach pains. My friend thinks its because I eat 2 eggs every morning and after looking into the subject online I’ve gotten every possible response imaginable…and I’m a little confused. Should we not eat dairy products at all? Or could this just be the adapting phase, since my system might not be used to this new diet?

    1. Andy Morgan

      Hunger pangs in the first week of starting a new meal pattern? – Normal. Toughen the hell up. Explanation here.
      Stomach pains? – That could be serious. See a doctor or RD and stop screwing around online.

  4. Gilson


    I have 317.4 Pounds weight and 5’10” tall and I want to know if intermittent fasting works for me.
    I really want to lose weight, I tried a lot of diets and no one works for me. I usually walk 3.10 miles 3 times per week, and I’m losing weight in a rhythm of 2.2lb per week and want to know if the intermittent fasting works for my case or I need a better coaching or something.

    Thanks and please answer me! =)

  5. Sak

    Dear Andy,

    Just looking for some motivation,to say a THANK YOU and to send you salutes. 🙂

    I didn’t know where to post this so I’m leaving it here.

    I’ve been in Week 5.
    Right now I’m waiting for my protein supplement,the main reason that I’m buying this, is because I can’t afford to buy so much food and since I’m doing IF I can’t eat so many things in just 2 meals. This made me really tired.

    Every night I eat like 6-10 egg’s white,and around 1 kilo of Greek Yogurt 2% (Since I’m Greek lol) ,Milk and whatever I find at home.
    I can’t seem to find the perfect way to see if carbs and fat fit my macros because I’m not the one cooking the lunch meal.

    Overall my protein intake daily was around 100g while I need like 138g.(145.5 Lbs,167cm)
    So I’ll need 1-2 scoops daily.

    Here is my progress.
    Can’t imagine how I could look if I wasn’t doing cardio for the first two weeks,and all that alcohol that I’m drinking every weekend.(In Week 3 to 4 at Friday I drunk 1 liter of red wine and 6 vodkas and at Saturday I drunk 12 beers plus the shots).
    Week 1-2-3-4.
    Today was the end of week 5 but I haven’t take a photo I’ll take one straight to week 6 since I’ll restart tomorrow with the recommended protein grammars intake.

    About lifting,no I don’t ,I’m doing pull ups and TRX with a bag with weights on my back.
    If you have any good info about power lifting with TRX I would be glad.(I know its a stupid question but you never know! 🙂 )

    Thank you Andy,
    Best Regards,

  6. Emerson P

    Why are there no women? Is this not considered a healthy way for a women to lean out and lose wieght?

  7. brandon ramlal

    Hello everyone, my name is Brandon; i have one simple question i think anyone here would be able to answer for me.

    I started my cut on Dec. 1, expecting to end it on Feb 22. where i would then eat at maintenance for 2 weeks for starting a slow-bulk.

    However, I’m making strength increases as my lifts go up each week despite the caloric deficit (probably due to me previously training for the pump and never pushing myself to true failure) and my body is changing rapidly for the better. I couldn’t be happier with the progress so far.

    My question is, if on feb22 (which would mark 12-weeks of me being on the cut) I’m still continuing to gain strength, i assume id just continue the cut and not add in calories until my lift start to stall. correct?

    Thank you for your time guys.

    *i only recently discovered leangains in November and it made absolute perfect sense to me so i implemented right away but could still use guidance. This site is a wealth of information and I’m glad i stumbled upon it last night.

  8. EricB

    Regarding Yousef’s results, you mention “The one set above is 6 months after he started his cut, and the next a month into his slow bulk.”

    Would you say that those two pics are at roughly the same bodyfat percentage?

  9. Luke Ward


    Our work together and your coaching has been superb, Im keeping our correspondence and the detail you have given me for future reference. You have given me confidence, and guided me toward the key take home learning about how my body reacts to macros.

    Its also opened my eyes a bit too – a small change in macros, and some patience, make all the difference. I will no doubt still get neurotic thoughts/days where I feel fat, but I have your voice in the back of my head saying “be patient, relax… hows sleep/stress?”.

    Ill check back in a few months down the line and will send over my shredded pics 🙂

  10. Jon

    I’ve been following your site for around 2 years now. I love it. But while this new layout is slightly more aesthetically pleasing, the functionality of it is terrible. I usually view from my Android phone (new one, not old) and this website now takes FOREVER to load, before it was instantaneous. Every time I hit the back button to return to the previous page it just defaults to the home screen making me re look up where I was reading. I don’t know if this is the mobile version or if there is a mobile version but like I said I have one of the newest and most powerful phone and this website became soooo glitchy and freezes constantly. Maybe you are aware of these things and I’m not just trying to bitch, I treasure your website, I visit it almost daily. I hope millions more find it, I could just easily see a new person who stumbles on it being complete turned off by the functionality.

    Minnesota, USA

  11. Jay

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place:

    Hello there. I have been lurking your website for a while now (about a year ish). Gotta say that the website has had an overhaul. I am an aspiring android developer and I have had an inspiration. I was thinking of creating a simple “leangain” app that would be for now an over-glorified calculator/diary for the community to download and use to track their progress (macros, lifts etc…). I was even thinking of even sticking in a quick reference guide on the protocol of leangain so that people won’t have to re-navigate their way around the web to find some obscure info about leangain (read centralized knowledge for beginners). I think for me this would be not only a great way to get my resume going but also to give back to this amazing community. I contact you because I was thinking maybe of collaborating with you in hopes to get the functionality and knowledge correct. Don’t worry I am not asking for any monetary compensation but instead doing this pro-bono.

    I also have a couple of ideas in mind (social media like facebook but for health enthausist perhaps comparing stats and different lifestyle/diet) that maybe perhaps you and others would like to participate. Even maybe creating a small android app for your website (although I am wary of this as the cost for servers can be costly depending on your web traffic).

    I hope to hear back from you. I think this would be a great experience to help spearhead the IF lifestyle into the health industry and help garner more SERIOUS attention as we know IF is starting to get popular but riddled with pseudo health fallacies and skeptical critics.

    Happy lifting.

    1. Andy Morgan

      Hi Jay.
      Not a fan of calculators which you’ll see in a few articles on the site. People need to use their brains and do a little thinking, hence the wordy format. I can’t see how an app would be anything other than a distraction from getting people to focus on the task at hand. Thank you though.

  12. James

    Hi Andy,

    I have been recommending your website to people and telling them about your consultation service already, as I have been so pleased with the way things have gone. It’s been interesting to try something different and being able to understand how everything works. I have really noticed the difference in losing weight without losing muscle, as I did when I lost weight before. Just having someone to talk me through and suggest when I need to change has been really useful. It’s been a good balance between information and becoming independent in researching answers for myself. I know I asked a few questions which I could have probably found through your website or worked out myself but I was worried about doing something wrong, misunderstanding and not realizing until my next update after four weeks. As I was paying you for consultation I wanted to make sure I followed exactly what you asked to make sure I would get the right results you expected at my updates and I didn’t want to let you down.

    Thanks so much again for all your help and setting me on my way to getting where I want to be,


  13. Lachlan

    Great list mate, literally just started intermittent fasting combining it with the carb nite solution by John Kiefer and was looking for some time frames.

  14. Wes Barr


    Thank you sooo much for working with me over the last 13 weeks as I have really learned a lot and am very grateful for all of the insight that I have gained. This program has put me into the best shape that I’ve ever been in and given me a huge boost in overall confidence. For me this has been well worth the investment. I’m in the sales and I really believe that the more confidence I have ultimately translates into more success.


    Wes Barr

  15. Omar

    Hi guys

    I just finished my 12 week program with Andy.

    I’m 38 years old. I have been dieting and trying to get ripped all my life without success – until now.

    I’ve lost fat in all the right places – belly, love handles, thighs – and put on muscle in all the right places too. During the course of the program, all my main lifts either stayed the same or went up. Sounds a bit gushing but I can’t put it any other way – this diet is quite simply one of the best things that ever happened to me.

    But even aside from the diet, discovering how to train properly and learning to focus on my strength development and actual performance – and realizing that it’s precisely this that brings about the desired look we’re all searching for anyway – it’s just been a total revelation!

    After 38 years I’m looking in the mirror at the leanest and strongest version of me I have ever known. I just can’t wait to see where the next five months takes me.

    Cheers once again Andy!

    1. Andy Morgan

      Omar, thank you for taking the time to write here. Good working with you and look forward to seeing an updated photo in my inbox in a few months!

  16. Paul Severance


    Just went to my doc today for annual checkup. My blood pressure is 90/60, heart rate was 43, weight was 15 pounds lower than last year. I feel crisper in the last 3 months since I started your program. I don’t think I was ever dysfunctionally lethargic but I definitely have more energy today. I genuinely like lifting – I wish I’d started 20 years ago, but that’s just shoulda coulda woulda… I am happy where I am. After 3 months I’m used to the burning crushing feeling of lifting and like it, at least after the fact. People at work who’ve seen me every day for years now compliment shirts that I’ve been wearing for years. I see lots more definition in the mirror especially in my shoulders, biceps and thighs. I see bumps where my ribs are between my belly button and my pecs. And I can see beginnings of a V shape in my torso. The big deal for me though is that I feel good – better than before. I’m so glad I rolled the dice and started the program with you.

    For everybody else, I’m 52 years old. I started out fit aerobically but I’d never lifted on a consistent basis. One of the first questions I asked Andy when we started corresponding was is it worthwhile for me to start doing this at my age. I found out that it was worthwhile.

    I’ve never eaten better – food tastes wonderful now that I put more thought into it, and I never get those sugar / fat hangovers from eating crappy food like I used to occasionally suffer through.

    My biggest challenge is checking my ego – the voice in my head. If I weighed 400 pounds I could look in a mirror and convince myself that I am fit. That’s where Andy’s system comes in. Still need to have a handle on my ego, but Andy removed much of the subjectivity by showing me what to measure: fat, protein, carbs, arms, torso, belly, legs, etc…, and how too measure them. Definitely been worth it…..

    Thanks Andy!!!


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