5 Steps to Arming the Public Against Charlatans and Fraudsters in the Fitness Industry

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Beware Snake Oil Salesman

“This is one of the most important articles I’ve ever written. Maybe the most important one in terms of getting this message across to practitioners.” – Alan Aragon

It’s my pleasure and honor to share with you this guest article today by mentor and friend, legendary sports nutritionist and researcher, Alan Aragon. Alan opened my eyes to the shenanigans of the fitness industry and showed me that this job could be a legitimate profession.

This article originally published in his Research Review in March. The gems inside this widely-loved monthly publication usually stay locked away to subscribers, but as I have been the one pushing him to write this for the last two years, he made a special exception. I hope you enjoy it.

Enter Alan… Read More

Training to Failure: Helping You Succeed or Fail?

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RPE Course - Eric Helms Andy Morgan

RPE Course - Eric Helms Andy Morgan

Too much training to failure will hamper recovery, limit the frequency and volume of training you can manage, and ultimately, keep you from making the gains you could otherwise have been.

This is where Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) comes in. It is about programming intensity of effort, rather than just intensity of load and can be an invaluable tool for intermediate and advanced trainees.

This 5 part email course written by Eric Helms and I will show you how to implement RPE into your training programs to match your load to your readiness, manage fatigue more effectively and thus make faster gains. This is 99.9% Eric’s work based on his coaching experience and Ph.D. research, 0.1% my tweaks. (Which means it’s as current as you can get, written by one of the best.)

This is completely free, in the last three days, 2800+ smart trainees like you have already opted in. Don’t miss out, opt-in here.

Crushing Online Coaching For Aesthetics, by Bryan Krahn

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Bryan Krahn - Profile (Blue steel) - Rippedbody.com

Bryan Krahn - Blue Steel Profile shot - Rippedbody.com

Not long ago, I found myself getting grilled on Facebook over the concept of hypertrophy training. “Strength and hypertrophy training are the same thing,” my critic wrote, with all the passionate intensity of someone who spends a lot of time on social media but not a whole lot else.

While strength and hypertrophy training are more similar than they are disparate (especially for newbie lifters, which my critic clearly was), the differences become noticeable the further you travel along the development curve. Read More

Introducing the Diet Adjustments Mini Mastery Course

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Diet Adjustments Mastery Course - Welcome Mat

Diet Adjustments Mastery Course - Welcome Mat

This is a free, 7 part email course I’ve put together summarizing all the key points of dietary fine tuning.

In my complete nutrition set-up guide I explained how to set your calorie targets, macros, and choose your meal timing. This covers the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ of making fine tune adjustments to your diet to keep you progressing.

6000 people have already taken this, the feedback has been excellent. Opt-in to receive it here.

Why I paid $10k to make us a .COM

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RippedBody.com Logo

RippedBody.jp becomes .com!

Because that’s what it cost after I negotiated the price down… is the answer. But why I’d decided to do so despite the cost and how I wrestled with it is the story.

This name change is an emotional move for me but definitely a positive one for our community. I thought the .jp domain would help me get more Japanese readers five years ago when I was writing in both languages, trying to bridge the information gap between the English-speaking world and Japan.

I failed so badly it was comical… Read More

Mindless Eating: How to Make Healthier Choices Without Thinking

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Coach Patrick Umphrey - Profile

Coach Patrick Umphrey - Profile

I want to tell you about a powerful tool that often goes neglected among both fitness enthusiasts and people who are just beginning to diet. Imagine that you’re in the following situation:

You come home from work. You’re exhausted. You’re hungry. You’ve had a long and stressful day and you just don’t feel like doing anything other than sitting around. You certainly don’t feel like cooking.

Your roommate (wife/husband/etc.) picked up burgers and fries from your favorite local restaurant. The food smells amazing, and your mouth is watering. This is just what you wanted.

You have one choice: Do you eat the cheeseburger, or do you not eat the cheeseburger. Read More

The Muscle & Strength Pyramid Books – Now On Sale

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Muscle and Strength Pyramid Chapter Title Athlete Collage (m)

Muscle and Strength Pyramid Chapter Title Athlete Collage (m)

So, some good news. The Muscle & Strength Pyramid books that I’ve been working away on for the last four months with Eric Helms and Andrea Valdez are now available.

If you are interested in accessing the exact breakdown of how Eric Helms, one of the world’s leading natural physique and powerlifting coaches, gets the results for his athletes that he does so that you can apply it to your own nutrition plan and training, then make sure you check these books out.

The Nutrition book runs 130 pages, the training book is over 170 pages, packed full of programs. They are available individually, or as a set, and we’re offering free lifetime updates for people who choose to get both.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have Alan Aragon, Lyle McDonald, Mike Zourdos, Greg Nuckols, and Bret Contreras read them and provide feedback before their release to make sure they are on point. I’m very proud of what we’ve put together, and I hope you take as much away from them as I did in making them.

Download a free 50 page sample, watch the full video lecture series for free, or find out more about purchasing them here.

A Quick Guide To Estimating Body-fat Percentage

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How To Calculate Body-fat Percentage
How To Calculate Body-fat Percentage

Finding your body-fat percentage is an imprecise endeavor.

The methods that we generally have available to measure it range from being ‘acceptably accurate’ to ‘very poor,’ and they are nearly all useless for tracking changes over time. – They’re all marketed as being really accurate of course, but that’s just because people are after your dollars.

The lack of a guide on this site to help you find this has been something that has bugged me for some time, however it seems like I’ve found a fix for that – a quick calculation to help you to get a good estimation of your body-fat percentage that can be used to help you set up your diet more precisely. Read More