About The Author Patrick Umphrey Patrick Umphrey is an online coach specializing in working with awesome people and making them awesomer. He competes in the sport of powerlifting, and – in addition to coaching general population clients – he also works with aspiring powerlifters. Patrick began his foray in coaching by facilitating a community group, Eat Train Progress, on the calorie tracking website, MyFitnessPal. There, he offered no-nonsense advice to those looking to improve their physiques and train more effectively. The group is still running with over 9000 members. When he’s not working with his clients, Patrick is a professional magician. He is a well-known troll on Facebook, where he mercilessly wreaks havoc with 12-year-old humor and fart jokes galore. You can contact Patrick on Facebook, MyFitnessPal, and he has a new website here.
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