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Hi Andy,

Due to my work schedule every few weeks or so I have to put most of my training sessions back to back (training days: M, F, S, S). I figure it’s not ideal, but better than missing sessions. At the moment I keep my calories constant (i.e same daily surplus across the week) for that run of three rest days in the middle of the week, but it feels counter-intuitive to be in a hypercaloric state when Monday’s training stimulus must have ‘worn-off’ by Thursday. Would it be best to continue as I am and keep calories constant, or would there be a benefit (i.e. less fat gain) dropping calories slightly on, say, Wednesday and Thursday.

Thanks in advance!

Andrew McGuire
Andrew McGuire

Hey Andy – you mentioned in one of your emails that you’re going to be releasing an updated Bulking Guide on ‘The Last Shred’ book. Any update on when that will be out? I just moved from Shredding down to 150lbs at 12% BF (5’7”) and moved to the ‘bulk’ mode for 3 month bulk and 1 month shred so 3 cycles in 2020.

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