1. Loved the tips ma dood.

    And loved the quote – Remember, we are the product of our habits, not the occasions.

    I think I heard it in a Brandon Carter video – “It’s what you do consistently that matters, not what you do once.”

    Great Article, Andy.

  2. Aristidis Nikolitsis

    Hi Andy! Happy holidays!
    I usually break my fast at 2pm eating 40% of my macros/calories.
    Then I’ll eat my second meal around 8pm or 9pm (remaining 60% of calories)

    I workout 3 days per week at 11pm.
    Is all this ok? Is the fact that I’m not eating anything post workout ok?

    Should I break down my meals differently, allowing for some small amount of calories after my workout?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. It would be better to save some for after your workout, yes. And be careful that working out so late does not impact your sleep quality, otherwise you would be best changing the time you train.

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