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To me that external motivation is what drives you to make that final decision for the long term. I was also headed to genetic predisposed heart disease, having a son really made me want to care of myself for sure.

Internal motivation is what drives me every day, looking forward to my food, my training session, and even on days off just staying off my ass. Discipline is hard when you don’t have a daily motivation, as little as that may be, and often times I find it while drinking coffee with my wife in the morning (our daily ritual) talking about being grateful of anything in particular.

Life is to be enjoyed, stereotyped as it sounds, and improving your lifestyle with nutrition and training to attain a goal shouldn’t feel like a struggle, while certainly not too easy.

Good read Andy, thanks for taking the time to write this. Really appreciated.


This is what I was looking for when I asked you about losing motivation. This. Motivation starts you on the path. But motivation is fleeting as I have found out several times. Discipline keeps you consistent. Thank you for showing me this.

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