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February 9, 2021 11:26

Any recommendations for those who work graveyards?

I only get around 4-5 hours on days I work.

Thanks for the help

December 10, 2020 06:10

Hi Andy,
anytime I am in a calorie deficit after a few days my sleep becomes terrible. I have no issues falling asleep, but my sleep is very light and I wake up very early. Around 1 or 2 hours before the time I need to get up. And when I wake up I feel very rushed and “switched on”. I barely get to 6 hours of sleep. Usually I sleep for 7-8 hours. This lack of sleep really wrecks me up and is hindering me to reach my goals.
I only have 1 coffee in the morning (no other caffeine) and I usually have my last meal (greek yoghurt and some cereal) 1 hour before bed. I am not hungry when I go to bed.
I tried smaller deficits and higher carbs but my progress becomes demotivational slow

December 19, 2020 04:57
Reply to  Laurens

Hey Laurens,

I have the same issue. There seems to be a small percentage of us that all have this issue in common. When I was 20%+ body fat (as a male), I could have a 1,000 kcal deficit daily and not have any issues. Once I got below 20% my body just became more sensitive to those kind of deficits, even a 500kcal def, and I had to increase the calories. I tried everything, sleep hygiene, supplements, meditation, sleep therapy, meal timing, macro ratios, etc. The only thing I’ve seen fix my sleep for myself and others who have this is to eat back at maintenance for a few days. There doesn’t seem to be escaping the simple fact that some of our bodies just don’t like prolonged deficits.


December 19, 2020 05:01
Reply to  Laurens

2/2 continued…

I’m going to be experimenting with more frequent diet breaks and a more mild caloric deficit that hopefully balances results with our body’s limits. I’ll be writing up notes as much as I can, if I find success I’ll follow up. I feel your frustration though, it really sucks!

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