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August 17, 2020 23:29

Hi, how could I avoid going over my fiber intake (excessive fiber) by eating nutrient dense foods? Seems like it’s always going over.

May 31, 2020 08:24

Hi Andy
I really enjoy your site and I just started following it closely in terms of recommendations . So thank you
My questions is since i started taking Creatine at 5g daily, ive gained 5 pounds of water weight. I’ve continued to drink extra water but I’m always feeling bloated and not too hungry. I’m about 150 pounds and think I should reduce the creatine to 3g daily?
I’m trying to lose a few pounds of fat but maintain the muscle I’m developing.

May 31, 2020 09:13
Reply to  Andy Morgan

Thanks for the reply. Ii its Creatine monohydrate and I haven’t changed my diet. I pretty much eat the same things – lean proteins and lots fo veggies. Nothing different but that. It’s crazy but i guess I’ll see what happens. Maybe it will settle out with lower doses.
Thank you for your reply.

May 29, 2020 16:47

Hi Andy,

In “The RippedBody Nutrition Setup Guide v3.5” and “The Muscle and Strength Nutrition Pyramid v2.0.3” the macro for daily minimum fat depends on the Bodyweight.
In “The Last Shred v2.3.1” the macro for daily minimum fat depends on lean body mass and has a higher value, it also explains that fat being essential for hormonal regulation and function.

What is the reason for this difference?

April 17, 2020 10:48

Hello Andy! First of all, I want to thank you for the guide you’ve written.

If I drink a protein shake, am I breaking the intermittent fasting?

Dries Vande Mergel
Dries Vande Mergel
April 12, 2020 00:03

Between the ‘nutrition setup guide’ mentioned here and the ‘muscle and strength pyramid’ books, what’s the big difference? Is this the more approachable, easier to read version, where the ‘muscle and strength pyramid’ books are more theoretical?

I just bought the ‘muscle and strength pyramid’ bundle, and was wondering whether I should read this guide first.

Additional related question, I also downloaded ‘The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Diet_v2.3.4’. Was this the older version of the ‘nutrition setup guide’ or was it specifically written to be used alongside the 7 day e-mail course?

Jennifer Jabbour
Jennifer Jabbour
March 30, 2020 00:34

I am a lifelong dieter (like you, I have tried them all, the latest being keto, but I’m ready to just eat a normal diet). I work in an office, but offset that with morning and evening workouts (Jiu Jitsu before COVID-19 hit) and active weekends. I guess I would relate most to Noobie Natalie. What are your thoughts on using my Apple Watch for tracking my TDEE, as it comes higher than your calculator? Also, what about additional calorie burn on high activity days as a way to eat more (i.e., on the weekends I tend to burn an extra 1000 cals/day because I am so active – long workouts, hiking, mountain biking, etc) – that would essentially be my way of calorie cycling

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