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May 17, 2020 09:31

Hey Andy,

So even fiber supplements such as psyllium husk should be counted? I always figured it fell in the same category as veggies which I’ve never counted.. thanks!

January 9, 2020 13:58

Hey Andy,

Thanks for all the awesome content! Since I’m in college, I’m finally taking classes that will allow me to better understand the physiology involved in many of the processes central to exercise and nutrition.

One of the concepts I’m more familiar with is energy balance. I understand that, if more energy is leaving the system (body) than is entering it, there will be less total energy substrate within the body than there was previously. However, the case of building muscle while losing weight (of course occurring mostly in untrained populations or in populations consuming a high protein intake) piqued my interest. Even though there is a net loss of energy substrates, protein synthesis had to have exceeded protein breakdown in order for this to occur.

What I’m curious about is; why is it not possible for some people, throughout the course of the day, to be in a net energy deficit while still storing more fat than was previously stored? If we can have a net loss of fat during a deficit but a net gain in protein content, why is the opposite outcome not possible?

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Nathan

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