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March 1, 2020 02:26

Hello Andy.

At present using a height, weight, belly measurement calculation, as well as visual comparison, my bf% is in the 20%-24% range at 232#. To the degree that’s true, and I might be wildly wrong, my LBM is somewhere in the neighborhood of 183#. If I could cut at a reasonable pace while continuing to lift hard etc, and maintain my LBM, I’d end up pretty darned ripped at 7% bf around 197#, and that doesn’t seem likely.

Is there even a rule of thumb to estimate how much “LBM” will be lost as water when cutting from BF% A to BF% B?

July 10, 2019 04:16

Hi Andy, I’m approaching the end of a 6wk BF loss challenge and showed a 5.9% loss after 5wks. I’m worried that it was a false reading due to my cycle and water retention. How do make sure my weigh in this week hits that 6% so I get my investment back?
I’m planning to super hydrate 😬
It’s a BIA using hands and feet.

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