Nutrition Guides

Nutrition is key to a shredded physique

Whether you’re after fat loss, muscle gain or trying to chase both, this page has links to all the detailed guides you need to have success, explaining the methodology that I use with clients.

Best Nutrition Set-up Guides

Not sure where to begin? Start here:

  1. The Complete Nutrition Setup Guide: Calorie & Macro Calculations, Meal Timing, and Supplements
  2. Macro Counting 101: The Comprehensive, No-Nonsense Guide
  3. The Definitive Guide to Tracking Progress
  4. A Quick Guide to Estimating Body Fat Percentage
  5. How to Set Realistic Physique Goals

Best Nutrition Adjustment Guides

  1. Why You Need to Make Adjustments as You Diet (Theory)
  2. How to Adjust Your Macros as You Diet
  3. How to Find Maintenance Calorie Intake
  4. How to Adjust Your Macros To Bulk

Go deeper: The Diet Adjustments Mastery Mini Course (Free email course)

Other Top Nutrition Articles

  1. The Art of The Diet Break
  2. The Alcohol Guide: How To Drink and Stay Lean
  3. How to Calculate Your Leangains Macros
  4. The Leangains Timing Guide
  5. The Three Reasons to Forget Body Fat Percentage
  6. The Myth of the ‘Best’ Macro Ratio
  7. Is Clean Eating a Scam? – Clean Eating vs IIFYM

In addition, I have built a very detailed nutrition FAQ based on answering 20,000+ questions in the comments over the last six years.

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