1. Hi Andy – big fan of your work – couple of questions (1) if you are a novice/intermediate bodybuilder how important is worrying about overall symmetry? e.g. if quads are responding disproportionately in size to your chosen program but lats are underperforming and both c.15 sets per week should you just keep going as you are at the novice stage or should you adjust quad volume lower and back volume higher? (2) why do you recommend deloading and not just take a week off? Appreciate your thoughts!

    1. Hi Tom!

      1. Well, these are two separate questions, one broad and the latter specific.

      Broadly, ‘not very important’ is my answer. A novice trainee doesn’t have weak points; everything needs to be developed. Therefore it’s more important that you train in a balanced manner (you can either choose a program from the site or build one using this guide).

      To your specific issue, are you sure you have the ability to accurately assess that? It’s kinda tough. Are you progressing with your direct hamstring work? If so, probably better just leaving things as they are. Now, let’s say that you can objectively say that your hamstrings are lagging, in most cases, the issue is in the way people perform the exercises. Otherwise, rock on.

      2. Basically, because you just need to let residual fatigue dissipate and can still benefit from the training stimulus, and this better than taking time completely off. I don’t have an article about this on the site but we have a section of our Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid that covers this in more detail.

      Hope this helps.

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