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September 19, 2019 07:50

I personally think that doing chest and back exercises work all the heads of the shoulder muscles already.
I never saw results from doing side raises. I don’t have those round baseball shaped shoulders, and the side raise didn’t change it one iota.
And overhead pushing exercises don’t feel good to me, although I have done them in the past, they fel totally uncomfortable, even unnatural of a movement.
Overhead press works the front head mostly, and those are worked already when bench pressing. Look at the large front shoulders of guys being strong at the bench press.

Andy Morgan
Andy Morgan
September 19, 2019 17:25
Reply to  Renato

Thank you for sharing.

September 20, 2019 08:23
Reply to  Andy Morgan

Still doing the lateral raise though.
I like it. And when doing it with say, 7.5 kg for 20 controlled reps, I really feel the burn.
Also the lying side raise is an excellent exercise.
Short movements,will make the muscle burn like hell.
Love it.
That some exercises don’t make the muscle ‘big’ , doesn’t mean it doesn’t or shouldn’t be trained. For me that is.
My calves are not growers either.
Still work them.
I even work the tibialis anterior.
Great to feel a pump in those muscles.
Helps with walking as well. It lifts the foot all the time.

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