About The Author Naoto and Kengo Naoto and Kengo are the guys behind making Athletebody.jp into Japan's most trusted training information resource. They are both exceptionally smart, humble, dedicated, and I feel very lucky to have them on the team. Naoto is a writer, trainer and now online coach for Athletebody.jp. He graduated from Waseda university. This is one of the top universities in Japan though he fully admits he feels his 'real' education began when he started digging into training research. Naoto is 34 and lives in Vancouver. Kengo is a professional translator and one of the smartest and deepest thinkers I have ever met. When we started working together five years ago he knew nothing about training or nutrition but can now hold his own among the most knowledgeable guys in fitness field in Japan. It is the quality of his writing and work that put Athletebody.jp on the map. Ken is 34, lives in Osaka, rides a Harley with a missing speedometer and loves the Rolling Stones. ^ Written by Andy.
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