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September 2, 2020 10:35

Hey Andy – great website, thanks so much for the info.

I haven’t really heard much about stretching AFTER a workout. Is there any benefit to a cool-down period of stretching once your main lifts are done, or is this not necessary?

Kate Tan
Kate Tan
January 29, 2020 16:04

Hi Andy, first thank you for all the generous information, i have benefited heaps from reading all of them.

A quick question, if my rest time is 90sec inbetween set, after my warm up sets, do i rest for 90sec as well? I use fixed rest time for my working set so i can better track progression.

August 11, 2019 01:51

Hi! In your Training book, for the Optional 5 Minute Submaximal Aerobic Warmup, are the 10 Walking Lunges suppose to be 10 reps per leg or 10 total walking lunges (which is 5 reps per leg)? Thank you!

August 9, 2019 02:11

Is there any resting between sets or just lift, add weight repeat?

July 9, 2019 16:38

Great article as always 👍, one question if i may, how long to rest between each warm up set and how long to rest between the last warm up set and the first working set ?
Many thanks in advance 🙂
Ps. Sry for bad English

June 2, 2019 21:14

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it gives me a lot of clarity, especially after reading your books 🙂 One thing that I am not sure I understood correctly… You mentioned the sport specific warmup sets for strength/physique athletes, is it also necessary for a bodybuilding program or would the dynamic warmup be enough, maybe with the addition of one warm up set with less weight for each exercise for that day?

February 8, 2019 09:39

How should I warm up for an upper body day when a few body parts will be worked?

David Hathaway
David Hathaway
January 12, 2019 05:12

Thanks for posting this. I have been recently reading a lot about warm-ups. To help with flexibility and reducing injury. This was helpful and well researched!

January 11, 2019 08:11

How can I apply a progressive warmup protocol for weighted dips and chins when my bodyweight is more then 50% of the total work weight?

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