Training Guides

Master the art of training right

Not making the progress in the gym that you thought? Your training style might be holding you back. Get your training right, bring on the gains!

Training Essentials

Not sure where to begin? These are the two articles I’d start with if you would like to understand my philosophy to training and choosing an appropriate program.

  1. How to Choose a Training Program
  2. The Core Principles of Effective Training
  3. A Guide to Exercise Selection

Top Free Training Programs

  1. The Big 3 Routine
  2. Three Day Split RPT
  3. The Intermediate Powerlifting Program
  4. The Intermediate Bodybuilding Program

Advanced Training Articles

  1. A Detailed Guide to Training Progression
  2. The Principle of Progressive Overload
  3. How to Progress from ‘The Big 3′ to Split Routines
  4. A Full Guide to Progressing With Chin-ups
  5. Stress: In The Gym, Out of The Gym, and How it Affects Your Program and Progress

In addition, I have built a very detailed training FAQ based on answering 20,000+ questions in the comments over the last six years.

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Always Training To Failure?

That's probably not the best way to optimize your gains.

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