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Sample sections from our nutrition and training theory books for powerlifters and physique athletes, The Muscle and Strength Pyramids.

Metabolic Damage Isnโ€™t Real (But Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome Is)

The term โ€˜energy availabilityโ€™ refers to whether or not you have adequate energy to maintain not only the energy demands of exercise or sport but also of normal physiological function. You can be at energy balance, maintaining a stable body mass, but be in a state of โ€˜relative energy deficiencyโ€™…

Metabolic Damage Isnโ€™t Real (But Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome Is) Read More ยป
The Intermediate Powerlifting Program from The Muscle and Strength Pyramid books

The Intermediate Powerlifting Program

This is a sample powerlifting program from our Muscle and Strength Pyramid training book. The explanation section there is fairly detailed, so I have cut it down to give just the overview, relevant notation, and exercise selection explanations. This, along with the Intermediate Bodybuilding Sample Programย andย Detailed Guide to Training Progression…

The Intermediate Powerlifting Program
How To Progress Training Loads โ€” Rules for Novice and Intermediate Trainees

Linear Progression and Linear Periodization
Rules For Novice and Intermediate Trainees

What follows are the exact initial guidelines on training progression that I give to clients. They are an abbreviated version of the guidelines inย The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramidย book that I co-authored with Eric Helms and Andrea Valdez. They are exceptionally logical and structured, the antithesis to the approach of…

Linear Progression and Linear PeriodizationRules For Novice and Intermediate Trainees Read More ยป
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