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How to Warm Up for Strength Training

Eric Helms, Andy Morgan and Andrea Valdez / Muscle and Strength Pyramid Book Excerpts , Training Principles

The purposes of a warm-up are to prepare you for the training to come, potentially enhance the performance of training, and also to hopefully reduce the risk of injury. One of the primary mechanisms by which a warm-up provides these benefits is an increase in body temperature, which has beneficial physiological effects that include increasing […] Read More »

How to Keep Progressing as a Novice and Intermediate Trainee

Andy Morgan / Muscle and Strength Pyramid Book Excerpts , Training Principles

What follows are the exact initial guidelines on training progression that I give to clients. They are an abbreviated version of the guidelines in The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid book that I co-authored with Eric Helms and Andrea Valdez. They are exceptionally logical and structured, the antithesis to the approach of just hitting the gym, smashing […] Read More »

A Full Guide To Progressing With Chin-ups

Andy Morgan / Training Principles

Chin-ups are a great upper-back exercise. You know it, and I’m not going to waffle on with an unnecessary paragraph explaining why. They’re hard, which is why most gym bros avoid doing them, well, at least with anything approaching good form. Most people stay the hell away from them and stick to the lat-pulldown machine […] Read More »

Why Too Much Cardio Can Hamper Your Physique Goals

Andy Morgan / Training Principles

Cardio is a poor time investment, it’s not necessary for most men to get shredded, it can steal recovery capacity, serve as a distraction, and the level of fitness most people will be happy with for their weekend warrior activities can be achieved by simply getting leaner and stronger. If physique change is your priority then strength […] Read More »

The Principle Of Progressive Overload

Andy Morgan / Training Principles

What would you say is the number one thing that holds people back with their training? I’d argue that it’s program hopping. We all know someone that does it – they start a new training routine with bounding enthusiasm, give it 2-3 weeks, then read some conflicting information elsewhere and decide that they need to […] Read More »