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I have been coaching people online, helping people to crush their physique goals since 2011. I have worked with over 1000 people and have a solid reputation. As I am often asked how I do it, I’ve written this series of articles to explain.These articles explain how

Crafting an Elite Mindset — Lessons From the Israeli Special Forces and Mossad (Seminar)

“Is somebody with your same skill set and knowledge currently achieving more than you are? — If your answer is yes, then a mindset issue is holding you back.” 👆 Itamar’s opening words felt like a gut punch, a feeling I have gotten used to over the last four years. “Mindset

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Lynn’s Transformation

It’s not often I get nervous writing an email, but yesterday was one of those times. I asked a client if I could share his results, and I am delighted that he said yes. This is Lynn. Or rather, this was Lynn in June of 2020. Lynn had been overweight his entire life. The

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2016 Client Results Selection

It gives me great pleasure to share these four client stories because two of them aren’t mine. I had Ken translate every email back and forth between our Japanese clients for three years before letting him coach clients on his own. In hindsight, this may have been an overly lengthy…

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Summer Client Results Selection

I’m trying to figure out a compromise where I can still share photos & testimonials, but save you the hassle of the results page load times (and me the headache of editing that huge lot of html). I think we’re nearly there, but in the meantime, here are three recent client results that…

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What Makes A Good Diet Coach?

In the article What is the Value of an Online Diet Coach? I talked about the specific benefits I think working with an online coach holds vs one you can hire locally. This article focuses more on the specifics of what I personally do and my thoughts on what I feel…

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