2016 Client Results Selection

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It gives me great pleasure to share these four client stories because two of them aren’t mine. I had Ken translate every email back and forth between our Japanese clients for three years before letting him coach clients on his own. In hindsight, this may have been an overly lengthy training period, but coaching is not an exact science – … Read More

Online Coaching: Nutrition and Training

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Simplifying Your Way To Shreds – Katsu’s Story

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The picture above is of a former client Katsunobu, winning his masters class (50+) bodybuilding competition. It is possible that this means even more to me than it does to him. For me it represents the culmination of three years of effort. Katsu is the first real bodybuilder to take our Japanese site seriously enough to consider competing with the minimum. I mean 2 meals … Read More

Summer Client Results Selection

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Note: You are an individual, your results will vary depending on genetics, adherence, and effort. I’m trying to figure out a compromise where I can still share photos & testimonials, but save you the hassle of the results page load times (and me the headache of editing that huge lot of html). I think we’re nearly there, but in the meantime, … Read More

Coaching Lessons #4 – Tracking Trumps Calculations

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If you are anything like me, the first time after doing your initial calculations to get your calorie/macro requirements you ran a bit of math to try to predict rates of fat-loss and started getting a little excited. Unfortunately the math doesn’t ever work out as neatly as planned, which can be disappointing, frustrating, and lead you to second guess … Read More

Why as a Coach You Must Not Be Afraid to Be Firm

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Note: You are an individual, your results will vary depending on genetics, adherence, and effort. Though it is very hard to identify and accept for yourself, there are some cases where it is necessary to take one step backwards before you can take two steps forward. Two common situations where this is true: A guy that wants abs but doesn’t … Read More