Shredding Down Without the Frustration – Scott’s Story

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Note: You are an individual, your results will vary depending on genetics, adherence, and effort.

When Scott first came to me I was confused. He was bigger and stronger, yet wanted my help. I knew that if I could get Scott’s program right, by helping out someone of their size I’d have a chance to impress upon some of my bodybuilder friends here in Japan the power of IF and show them that fasting wouldn’t make their muscles fall off.

It worked better than I had expected. After 3 months on the ‘diet’ Scott actually came in stronger, leaner and bigger.

Age: 36 Height: 186cm (~6’1″), 14 Weeks

Weight: 91.0kg (200.2lbs) > 85.4kg (187.9lbs)

Stomach @navel: 86.0cm (33.9″) > 77.5cm (30.5″)

Chest +3cm, Legs +2cm, Arms + 1cm

Squat: 145kg*5 > 162.5kg*5

Dips: BW+40kg*6 > BW+60kg*4

Deadlift: 185kg*4 > 195kg*3

Chin-Up: BW+40kg*5 > BW+45kg*5

Training volume was cut. We didn’t use any cardio.

1) You’re a big fella, tell us a little about your training and diet history. How did you get to where you were?

I’ve been training for the best part of 20 years with many lengthy and sporadic breaks. From 15 I would train mostly biceps in a tiny gym on top of a multistory car park (Lancaster Sports Center, Derby). Over the years I gained some decent size but never really achieved my goal.

I moved to New Zealand in 2003 and kept training. I was eating ‘clean’, kept growing and looked big/good in my clothes but out of them it was a different story. A PT at my gym approached me and asked if I would like some help with my diet, when we sat down and looked at my intake it was clear I’d been severely overeating. I dropped 20kgs in 12 weeks, carried on with the diet, lost another 12-14kgs  and entered and won my first bodybuilding show. A huge thanks goes to him (Carl Hammington)

A the time I had a very busy job running a large waterfront bar/restaurant and was finding eating 6-8 specifically timed meals increasingly hard to adhere to so I started looking for an alternative route.

2) Why did you decide to switch to IF?

I was trawling the internet looking fro a way around the 6-8 meal drudgery and came across It seemed too good to be true, eating big meals and, long periods of fasting and being told this was not only good but essential. It was contrary to everything I had always thought.

I then found and after reading through the information thoroughly I decided I was going to give it a go and made my own plan starting at 3 meals a day.

After 2 weeks of IF I thought if I’m doing this I’m going to do it right. I’d been on the site numerous times and noticed every post /comment had a reply from the guy running the page, I was impressed by the attention to detail, if I was going to trust someone to work with I knew they needed to be as anal as me and contacted Andy and we got started.

3) How was the change over to IF? Anything that surprised you?

I found the change to IF liberating, enlightening and a whole lot easier than I had anticipated. I had become a slave to the kitchen and my Tupperware. Before IF my whole life revolved around what time I had to be back, what time we could leave, what I needed to take. It was exhausting. I moved to 2 meals a day and I’ve never looked back, it just felt right. Using simple rules to add macros, not sweating the decimals and odd numbers having someone as helpful and accommodating and Andy to talk me through really (without sounding too dramatic) gave me my life back. I instantly had so much more time, my energy levels were increased and I felt great. All the time. I no longer needed a nap in the afternoon and as for my training that’s been taken to a whole new level.

4) Anything else you would like to share?

I am leaner, lighter and stronger!? than I have ever been in my life. I am still setting PBs weekly in the gym (60kg dips for reps) with no sign of plateau. I will be competing again this year at the Wellington champs using IF, coming in lean and hoping for another win. I look forward to my meals and enjoy them but they’re not ruling my decisions anymore. I feel anyone and everyone would benefit from this way of eating I hope we can help take it to the masses. However, I must admit I do like the look on peoples faces when I tell them I only eat twice a day. -Priceless!

5) Lastly, I’ve been asked a lot in the day since publishing this, can you just tell people your exact training before and during these 3 months?

I was originally body part training over 4 days with a pretty standard split of legs, shoulders, chest & triceps, back & biceps. 4/5 exercises per day, 4 sets 8-12ish reps. Forced reps/rest pause etc the usual bollocks. Worked to a certain extent but not in comparison to the change. 

Now I alternate ‘A’ and ‘B’ workouts with much lower volume.

Workout A: Squat, Dip, Chins & Workout B: Deads, Dips & Bent Over Row.  Zero cardio, RPT for all sets other than bent rows. Alternate days.

Scott took a chance on me, a relatively inexperienced diet coach, did everything exactly as I said without questioning it once, and I want to thank him for that. In the bigger picture of things, it’s helped out a lot.

I’ve already shown his pictures to a couple of Japanese guys that will be looking to compete in the summer, and they’re interested in giving Martin Berkhan’s Leangains principles a try. I promised to help spread it here, and slowly but surely, the pieces are coming together. I’m looking forward to getting this translated.

I think can speak on behalf of everyone when we wish you the best with your new career Scott, and I’m looking forward to seeing you win the show, with half the effort, by using IF this year.


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97 Comments on “Shredding Down Without the Frustration – Scott’s Story”

  1. Hi Andy! As I see he was/is following a two day split with rpt. Was/is he going to the gym 3 times a week? And isn’t doing rpt deads/squat twice a week too taxing? Thanks

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  3. What were the final calorie counts to get that shredded? Been making progress (down to 9% bf) at 2350 on training days/1850 on off days and am hungry quite a bit at these levels but really stalling out after 8 weeks.

    1. Hi James. Really doesn’t matter what someone else ate, all that matters is what you need to eat to get to that point. Take it slowly and you’ll be eating the maximum you can.

      1. Thanks. Just trying to get some kind of reference point for how low people are going over the course of a 12 week program in order to hit those low bf numbers in that time frame.

  4. Hi Andy and Scott,

    Super result! Hope to get some results myself.

    How did you (Scott) progress after the cut in terms of training. Do you use periodization in any way to create progressive overload or are you keeping this workout plan till the end of days? In other words: how does your training evolve through the years?


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  7. Hi Andy and Scott,

    Wondering how Scott’s doing now. Know he changed jobs. Hope to see more pictures of his slow bulk if possible.

    @ Andy – truly Thank you for creating this site and the guide as well. Both have been inspiring as well as a Real foundation to work with.

    Wishing Best of Success to you both !!

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    1. Scott trained fasted for half of his cut, and then due to a schedule change with work he trained in the evening for the latter half.
      His eating plan is irrelevant to you, so is whether he trained fasted or not*.
      (*Results between fasted and non-fasted training client groups does not differ significantly that I have noticed thus far.)

      1. Thanks. FInally, what do you think on pre-workout (4 cal ) drinks and BCCA before training fasted?

  9. Wow, just found this blog, and wow, floored by this transformation.

    Great info on here man!

    Have you heard back from Scott? How is his slow bulk going? Is he still following the same training?

    Last q in the barrage, how did Scott feel with all the frequent deadlifting? To failure that many times a week, dang much props.

  10. Very inspiring transformation Scott.. Just recently started my own cut based on your training and diet.. I was hoping you could answer a question for me? You wrote you do RPT for all exercises except bent-over-rows.. I wanted to know in what rep range or method you performed them instead?? Thanks and look forward to seeing your progress


      1. Thanks for the reply Andy but i didn’t copy i just tweaked his workout to the results I wanted: I would appreciate your feedback on it too if possible?
        Workout A:
        Squats 3xRPT
        Incline Bench 3xRPT
        Alternate workouts Chinups/Pullups 3xRPT
        Workout B:
        Deadlift 3xRPT
        Dips 3xRPT
        Bent over rows ? (currently 3xRPT)

        Thank you

  11. This was a really motivating transformation. Kudos, Scott. As someone who’s been training for a while, frustrated with the “6-8 meals a day drudgery” and looking to lean out and eventually compete in physique contest, I am looking forward to making my own transformation with Andy’s help!

    – Feng

  12. Scott,

    Seriously impressive transformation!
    You were a pretty big guy to begin with, and got seriously carved out. Mind mentioned what your cal range was on rest and training days? Were you getting uber high amounts of protein to retain/grow your muscle?



  13. To Scott:
    First of all, amazing progress. Your transformation is incredible!
    I was reading your training info and I wanted to know more about your experience with using dips as your main chest exercise. I love them, and use them as an accessory lift, but I haven’t been daring enough to use them as my main chest builder. Obviously, they worked great for you.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Monty,

      Why not give them a try as your main chest exercise for a couple of months & see how you go. If it works great, if not change back.


      1. Just one question on the dips; do you hit/go below shoulder parallel point, or stay above it? What are your reasons for doing so?


          1. Hey Ben,

            Like Andy says, just as low as you can comfortably/safely go. Don’t use that as an excuse for half reps though, you still have to get down & feel the stretch.
            I do my 1st rep super slow on the way down to get me started.

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  15. Hey Andy, I’m doing the RPT Big 3 Routine (Deads, Bench and Squat) along with a cut. Is it possible to add more exercises? I have trouble gaining chest (Upper) so I wanted to add inclined barbell bench. Is it okay? Or should I stick to these 3?

    Also I written you an email about consultation and you said there’s a 3 week waiting list and to prepare a picture and not to respond to the e-mail. I assume you’ll reply when you’re available?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Sure but keep it to just that. But bear in mind your on a cut, so unless you’re totally new to training don’t expect miracle growth in the chest region.

      Of course I’ll reply buddy.

  16. Hello Scott! Congratulations on your great results.
    Why did you choose dips as your pressing exercise?
    I know that dips are effective, however I am cautious about dips due to possibly putting my shoulder joint in a compromised position.

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks very much. Funnily enough the reason I chose dips was because of shoulder problems that cause me pain in any form of bench. DBs are a little more comfortable but for sake of ease on RPT I went with dips.
      That’s still all I use for chest.

      Thanks Scott

  17. Hey Andy, Just wanted to start off by saying that this is a fantastic article! Way to lead by example, truly awesome. I actually used Leangains and the RPT split of deads/chins, Bench/Dips, and Squats to help retain my muscle while dieting down for my first bodybuilding show as a teen last November, and took 1st place! It truly is an awesome diet/training lifestyle. My question is about the actual training however. First off did your client have any trouble between the overlap from the Squats and Deadlifts? Seeing as they are performed rather close together. My question is if my favorite exercises are Deads, Squats, and Chins, would it be more advantageous for me to do a split such as this below:

    A: Deads, Chins, Dips.
    B: Squats, Weighted Pushups, Rows.

    Does this split look appropriate for a 3-month cut? My next competition is May 12th. Any opinions and comments would be appreciated, and thank you in advance!

    1. Hello Kyle, congratulations on the win. That split looks good to me, but whether you need a split depends on your recovery capacity really. I’ve written about that here.

      Scott usually writes back to people so I’ll let him get back to you on the overlap question. Good luck!

    2. Hey Kyle,

      Congratulations on using IF to win a comp, that must have opened some old school eyes (it’s on my list).
      I had no problems re: Dead/Squat if anything I feel like they compliment each other when performed closer together (no chance for soreness to set in but can still really feel correct muscles firing). Obviously my diet was dialed in & my rest days were just that.


      1. Alright, thank you very much guys, its much appreciated! One more question for you Scott: Did you feel like your mentality changed in terms of how you performed your training sessions (going from traditional bodybuilding split to RPT full body)?

        1. Kyle, that’s a really interesting question & yes it did. I’ve always loved the physical side of training but I really enjoyed the simplicity of the

        2. Kyle, that’s a really interesting question & yes it did. I’ve always loved the physical side of training but I really enjoyed the simplicity of the progression that comes with RPT. I felt able to relax while pushing myself. Great way to train.

          1. Same here Scott. It’s also fun because it’s the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing. Nothing better than sucking wind after a top set of deads/squats and looking around at everyone stopping and staring at you ;).


            1. Kyle, that’s exactly right. Then they ask what your training is like & how much do you eat followed by that look of WTF. Epic.

      1. So He’s training 3 or 4 times a week? e.g. Monday -A, Wednesday-B, Friday – A, Monday-B… ?

        (sorry for my English..)

  18. andrew i presume that scott was on a cut or was it a recomp protocol that he was using ?

    cheers branko

  19. andy, i want to continue with my cut. i got a little side tracked but i am back on track. what do you think about this routine on a cut, i am “NOT” doing it without your feedback just wondering if it would be ok while on a cut.

    1. Deadlifts
    2. Squats
    3. Bench
    4. Chins (weighted)

    1. Deadlifts
    2. Squats
    3. Incline Bench
    4. Dips (weighted)

    1. Deads
    2. Squats
    3. Overhead Press
    4. Reverse Chins


      1. awesome and thanks for the quick answer. i am going to try it and see how it goes. thanks again!

  20. This is definitely a strong case of”Lead by example”.It must be also pointed out how he ,I think,deliberately chose,not to take pictures in the best lightning conditions.Shows strong character.

  21. Great post!

    Just a question:

    When calculating calories and such, how should I set my TDEE?
    I train 3 times a week, for 1 hour (The BIg 3). I am aiming for cut (I have 12% BF want to get to 10% atleast). I’m pretty sedentary when not training (desk job + computer at home)

    Should I set to sedentary (1.2) or 1.3-1.4 (little active)


  22. andy can you tell us how many sets rpt and non-rpt he did per exercise ?

    also what kind of leangains setup where you using for off days an on training days

    cheers branko

    1. Hey Branko,

      I did alternate A & B workouts the whole way through.
      A: Squat, Dips & Chins
      B: Deads, Dips & Bent Over Row

      All RPT other than the rows.

      You’ll have to speak with Andy re: diet.

      Hope this helps mate

      1. Cheers Scott. I think I added that in at the end of the article after. I’ll have a follow up on this article on why the diet was successful in terms of growth. -A “what the science says” kinda thing. Hope you enjoy Branko.

        1. Hey Branko,

          Top set would be 4-6 other sets were whatever I could get. I added weight and/or reps every week. When I hit 6 reps I’d up the weight.

          Thanks Scott

          1. Hi Scott.

            Great job mate!! Fantastic transformation!! Well done!!

            I love that rep range myself (had been doing stonglifts 5×5 before LG). Obviously it didn’t effect your results, but can I ask why you went with the 4-6? Is it just personal preference? Or was it to keep the intensity high and the volume low?

            Again, Great job buddy! 🙂

          2. Late to the game here Scott, but could you clarify this a bit?

            When you say the other sets were whatever you could get, were you referring to them when you said you increased the weight at six reps, or were you referring to the top set being increased at 6 reps?

            The reason I ask is because Andy has advocated dropping weight 10-15% for the other back up sets with higher volume rep structure (eg. 6-8, 8-10, or 10-12) on his site where he describes RPT training. I wasn’t sure if that’s what you meant when you said “whatever I could get”.

      2. Andy, this actually seems like it might be a better way to progress from the big 3 to a split program.

        Big 3 –> A and B –> Full split (if full split becomes necessary)

        Definitely going to go this route and was thinkig of doing it, and Scott confirmed my belief that an A and B workout would be good.

      3. nice, but you already had nicely develop physic, so anything probably would work, assuming your diet was ok. What about the press?

  23. Good job! Both of you really.

    Andy, looks like your project with IF over there in Japan is progressing nicely. I’m happy for you!

  24. Fantastic Results, Well done Andy, Good work Scott, I hope this changes many peoples views and gets you tons of new clients, Simple, It Works!!

  25. Pretty awesome transformation. I am already about a month and a week in and I can`t wait. Hoping for some awesome results too.

  26. Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable progression and I’ve loved every minute. Andy has given me some great insights regarding nutrition and training that I will be able to take forward and apply daily. Totally professional throughout.
    Joar, tips? Stick with the basics, they work (they’re just not fashionable). Don’t cheat yourself on the form and go hard.’


    1. I gotta say scott, you were pretty crazy looking to begin with but now, its just rediculous. You look SO ripped you almost look photoshopped (I’m sure you are not tho). Very VERY impressive man, grats on your transformation physically as well as career wise.

  27. Great results!!! Wow, I am also 6.1 but currently I weight 177 and not even ripped yet. I I get lean I will be probably 166, so I will look like chicken compared to above. He has lots of muscle. No way I can build that much unless Andy has some for sale!!! Impressive results, especially the veins look!!!

  28. Wow! Awesome pics especially coming from a guy who actually competes – just goes to show that it’s not just normal “civvies” who IF works on. I’m trying to cut myself – been on lean gains IF for a week and a half now but my weakness is still the cheat meal day. Still, I’m continuing to lose on the scales.

    Just one question Andy, I know Martin and you both recommend only 3 days a week of training.

    Thing is, I actually PREFER training 5 days a week – it’s not a drag for me to do that and it gets me out of the house since I work from home. So, are there any suggestions you can make for training 5 days a week on IF?

    I usually train during my 16 hour fast, in the morning so I continually sip 30g BCAAs until my feeding window.

    1. If you train hard 5 days a week when cutting to low bf% then you risk overtraining (in the physiological sense). You have got to avoid that. You could have two “back-off” days but I don’t see much point in it, and you’re still have to alternate the carb cycling.

      If I thought 5 days would give better results I’d do it myself mate. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Thanks for the heads up Andy! Hmm, looks like I’ll have to do something else to get out of the house lol. Unfortunately, we don’t really have the most optimum weather in Sunny scotland!

        I was on the Cyclical ketogenic diet before I started IF. Are the two compatible with each other?

        1. They both work very well. It comes down to preference in the end. I like the flexibility of the LG as I don’t feel restricted. Do what you feel best with Peter.

          Oh and Peter. Wind, rain or shine, don’t be a pussy. Even Scottish weather is not an excuse.

          1. Haha! I like your attitude bud. Time to don the Gore-Tex and brave them hailstones!

            I could switch my routine then to 3 days heavy weight training and 2 days of heading into the gym and just doing light cardio. Maybe even yoga for some flexibility and lunchtime workout chicas. 😉

            I was concerned that going on keto and having fasted training might have been too harsh – but it seems to be going well so far. If I start feeling any strength losses maybe I’ll have to reintroduce more carbs.

  29. This is one of the bests transformations i’ve ever seen. Congratulations to both of you guys, Would like to see if scott win the contest, please post that if you get to know that.
    Also Andy, you seem to work really well when people wants to diet and cut, how about a big bulk, it takes more time, i know, but do you know how to work on a good bulk?

  30. Wow, simply amazing! This update gave me another huge push to give 100% in my training/dieting. It also proves that Andy is a really awesome instructor/guru. Did you put him on a cut or a body-recomp? Anyways, I am 2 weeks into my new dieting and I feel better than ever. Thank you Andy and good luck to you Scott in the upcoming competition 🙂

    And Scott, any tips that you can give me? Maybe small things in the diet/training that worked exceptionally for you? Always fun to find small tweaks to apply to my “plan”!

    / Joar

  31. Wow that’s really awesome, Andy. Good work! What were his approx. macros for training vs off days??

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