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Note: You are an individual, your results will vary depending on genetics, adherence, and effort.

I’m trying to figure out a compromise where I can still share photos & testimonials, but save you the hassle of the results page load times (and me the headache of editing that huge lot of html). I think we’re nearly there, but in the meantime, here are three recent client results that I thought might be of interest. Hope you find them motivational, and thanks to Adrian, Tom and Marc for agreeing to share.

Adrian M., Canada – Slow Bulk Results | Adrian M
Age: 46, Height: 5’11”, Weight: 141.4->150lbs, Stomach: 74.1->76.7cm (29.2->30.2″)
Sender: Andy Morgan
Recipient: Adrian M.
Re: 12 Week Check-in (Final)

Clearly looking at data week to week isn’t the way here, the general trend is the way to judge things. Steady gains all over, right through the last 12 weeks. If we’d gone any quicker then you’d likely have put on more fat rather than muscle. I’d consider you a solid intermediate, and looking at the “muscle growth potential” guidelines [from this post] and your weight gain in total, I’d say we got this just about right.

Training Status  |  Gains/month  |  Energy Surplus/day

Beginner  |  2-3lbs  |  ~200-300kCal

Intermediate  |  1-2lbs  |  ~100-200kCal

Advanced  |  0.5lbs  |  slight surplus

Yes, nothing exceptional, but exceptional generally only happens with ‘assistance’ (or when a previously big, muscled guy comes back into training after a lay off. I’m happy with this result Adrian, think we did good. Lastly, if you could tell me:

  1. Where/how you found me in the first place and what made you decide to approach me to be a coach.
  2. Anything you think I do particularly well
  3. Anything you think I could improve on in the service.

I want to get better, so speak freely.


Sender: Adrian M.
Recipient: Andy Morgan
Re: 12 Week Check-in (Final)

Hey Andy, I agree that i do look bigger/fuller and am very happy about that. After the cut I looked great but skinny. But I’m past that point now and hope to get even further. Not sure how much further I’ll get considering I’m approaching 50.

I did learn to keep calorie increases in line with training. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the right changes as time progresses. I do see myself as an intermediate trainee and I’m glad you that you are of the same opinion.

To answer your questions…

  1. I came across your site which was mentioned on another site. I had been trying IF for a while and had been reading Martin’s site. In my quest for more info I was looking up a couple of forums and someone had mentioned your site. I can’t remember which site but the site that I frequented in the past was
  2. I think your attention to detail is very good. Filling out the progress spreadsheet is good to keep people on track. The addition of the 5 questions [referring to the subjective feedback I ask for relating to hunger, stress, sleep etc.] was good as well.
  3. Nothing really. I’m happy I signed up with you and I got the expected results so no complaints here. I like your educated approach rather than the “hey bro eat more and do curls” type of trainer 🙂

Thanks you for the extra effort in reviewing my progress every two weeks. Much appreciated.

I’m off tomorrow morning for a week’s vacation to Cuba. I haven’t been on a vacation in months so looking forward to a relaxing holiday.

I wish you all the very best and have made a note to send you an update with pics next year at this time. Hopefully you will be interested in seeing how much further I got.

Thanks again.



Tom G. Netherlands – Cut

Rippedbody Results | Tom G.

Age: 28, Height: 178cm (5’8″), Weight: 80.4->74.6kg (177->164lbs), Stomach: 85.5->74.2cm (33.7->29.2″)

Fairly typical example of a reasonably muscled guy cutting to shreds*. (*Technically I’d say Tom is around another 2-3 weeks in this picture from what I’d consider ‘non-stage shredded’.) No cardio or any special tactics needed. Sleep was fine, no issues with stress, and fat loss was (and often is in these situations) linear all the way.

“I feel excellent with the changes. Couple of years ago i had an 8-pack. So I will go on till my lower abs are clearly visible and then slow bulk 🙂 IF is a new start and way in my life I will definitely be doing and stay doing. 

Thanks again for the past 3 months, for your patience and all answers. Also all your knowledge you gave me! Tom”

Marc H. Japan – Cut/Recomp | Results | Marc H.

Age: 36, Height: 165.5cm (5’5″), Weight: 64.0->56.9kg (141->125lbs), Stomach: 78->70cm (30.7->27.6″)

I worked with Marc for the usual 12 weeks. The extended time frame is because the photo on the right was mailed to me ~6 weeks after we finished working together, when he had taken it to the point he was happy with.

“Just thought I’d fill you in on a little progress. I’ve dropped more weight and I’d say I’m almost ready for a slow-bulk. I was told that I was probably about 7 or 8% body fat the other day. Didn’t think I’d be hearing that a few months back. Anyway, I feel like there is still a little fat just above my belly button. It doesn’t really concern me much though.

I’ve been sticking to the weight program you told me to use and I feel like it’s pretty spot on. Doing 3 exercises a session only and I’ve had quite a few people asking if I was getting ready for a comp. Maybe lost a little size in the chest possibly, although it just measures in about a cm less than when we last spoke. Arms are around the same, lost some more cms around the belly too. On an empty stomach this morning I was 56.9kg. Seems so skinny but I think you’ll agree from the pics, I don’t look that skinny (except in the face).

The most helpful thing hiring you as a coach, besides obviously your good advice, was knowing someone would be strictly assessing what I was doing. It worked well and kept me motivated. Yet, even now that our 12 weeks is over, I feel this is a pretty easy to maintain diet and the results I’ve seen will definitely keep me going with it well into the future.

Cheers for everything again!

Lifting stats for those looking to compare. Note, this is @ ~57kg bodyweight.

Front SQ: 60kgx5x5 -> 70kgx5x5, Deadlift: 125kgx5x3 -> 137.5x5x3 Bench & Chins largely unchanged, 81kgx5x5 and 90kgx5 (top set) respectively.


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26 Comments on “Summer Client Results Selection”

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  2. Indeed. Strangely I’ve never hurt myself training but managed to immobilise myself doing all matters of nothing

  3. Yeah considering that I’d say I got him beat. Always room for improvement though right. I’ll add I did it all belt free. I might consider a belt if I go much higher though. Also, best advice ever doing it belt free. Haven’t had any back issues for the year since I started with you. Used to pull muscles brushing my teeth or bending over wrong for my coffee!

  4. Haha That’s just not me unfortunately. Not enough time to take it seriously. Knowing I can do it myself is good enough. Actually I was trying to see if I could catch Hugh Jackman’s deadlift since it was all over the net, haha. I’m not near his yet but figured I was doing ok given our weight difference

    1. Fair enough Marc. When looking to compare yourself with Jackman, consider not just total weight lifted but his bodyweight to lift ratio – you have him beat right?

  5. G’day Andy
    Been awhile. How you been? Just thought I’d update you on my progress a bit. I’ve about 85% adhered to my diet. Most days I do but I’ve had a shift in work scheduling and so have had the occasional cheat days. Still, since I’ve largely kept to the plan, my weight is still pretty much under control and I know it won’t take me much to get very lean again.

    I’ve made some improvements. I’m still hovering around 59kg but most of my lifts have gone up. My deadlift is up to 3 sets of 5/180kg although some days I just don’t feel it and struggle with 170. My squat is up to 110kg but much the same as my deadlift, there are the days I luck out with it (I think that could have a lot to do with the bubs and my erratic sleep schedule but that can’t be helped). Dips I was up to 50kg but after reading a recent article of yours and noticing I had some shoulder discomfort, I switched it out for narrow bench. Currently doing 5×5 at 77.5kg. Bench press has always been a struggle for me but I’ve upped it to 90kg for 5 sets of 5. At present though, I’m doing incline for a small change up in routine.

    All up, I’ve made some gains while maintaining weight so I’m quite pleased but I know I can do better. I’ll send you some pictures later. Once again, thanks again. I’ll always appreciate your help.

    1. Marc, great to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to write and update me on how you’re getting on. Have you thought of entering a powerlifting competition? Given your weight and lifting numbers you might do well at this point in a local comp. and being surrounded by other strong and determined lifters can only do good things.

  6. Hey Andy!

    Still working on getting you an “after-picture” update after your coaching session. Bulking is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Looking back, cutting is a lot easier!! I wouldn’t wish bulking on my worst enemies. Jk, I’m exaggerating too much.

    But here’s a quick picture today with weighted dips:

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  8. Andy,

    Thanks for the great content. I’ve learned a great a deal. I have a quick question for you.

    I’ve been doing the 16 hour fasting window. During the fast I take multivitamins and fish oil in the morning. They have about 30 calories in total. Does this count towards the fast or is it negligible?

  9. Hey Andy,

    Currently I’m at 130lbs at 5’7 and I’m around 13-15% body fat after 2 months of doing p90x. I felt like my results were plateauing after doing p90x so I came across leangains and saw that this was a much better way to gain muscle mass and stay lean. I’m around 13-15% body fat right now with a relatively strong build but I don’t want to drop down anymore weight to achieve the 8-9% bodyfat. I’m thinking of doing the 20% calorie surplus/deficit. Is this a right choice? and I was wondering do most of your clients just do the big 3 workout?

    Thanks for the guides and help man! Really appreciate what you’re doing!

    1. Hi Eric.
      The methods I use with clients are the ones that you see on the site. There is obviously individual tailoring, but no secrets being hidden. What you have suggested is likely the best way forward initially. Track your progress then see how you go.

      1. Thanks for the speedy response Andy! Will do!

        Also I have a question about the IF during the week. For example I’ll be doing Big 3 on Mon,Wed, Fri, and Resting on Tues, Thurs, Sat. What do I do on Sunday then? Do I do back to back calorie deficit or surplus or does it not really matter?

  10. Hi Andy,

    Are all of the above guys who was cutting used LeanGains diet style with high-carbs refeed/calories surplus every training day?
    Do you usually advise your clients this approach or in case if there is lets say more than 15%BF you may recommend less frequent refeed to loose fat faster while they still can maintain current strength (lifting stats)?


  11. Very inspiring. I’m on a cut too, based on your site and leangains. Can I send you my photos and stats too when done?

  12. This is all fine and well Andy, well done to you and your clients the changes are very good. Question is…Can you do the same for a bloke like me that is an intermediate lifter that has been off for a year, ballooned up to 118 Kg’s on a 5’11” (probably around 33% BF) frame, 41 years old and suffering from what seems to be adrenal fatigue, in a home gym, with no money for supplements? 🙂 I am stuck in a downward spiral my friend…


    1. Hannes, thanks for the comment.

      If you’re an intermediate lifter and have just gained weight, seemingly due to a lot of stress and getting out of previous habits, then it’s going to be much easier for you than the guy that’s starting from scratch, cause you’ll still have a muscular base there.

      However, can I do it for you? Not at this time, no. You can do it for yourself though.

      Stress is a key piece of the puzzle, nothing goes well when people are stressed. It sounds to me like you could use a break. After that, it’s probably better for you to take things one step at a time to keep the stress low. Example: Training -> quitting the shitty foods -> cutting down on alcohol -> thinking about calories & meal timing -> sorting out some macros. Hiring me right now would be to add in several layers of complication at once which isn’t a good thing at this time.

      Also, pushing yourself financially can increase stress. At the end of the day, online coaching is a luxury item, not a necessity, so I usually ask people to reconsider if they say they are on a tight budget and mail me at a later date.

      Supplements? Screw them, not necessary.

      Have a good look around the site and I’m sure you’ll find everything you need. Consider starting with this guide, Intermittent Fasting & Leangains – Step by Step Guide which I rewrote last week.

      1. Hi There Andy, thanks for your reply and candidness…it is refreshing to say the least. I had never thought of tackling one thing at a time, I am a all or nothing kind of guy…and, working for yourself it is sometimes difficult to reduce stress 🙂 But I will take your advice to heart, thanks again.

        Stay well


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