Dr. Spencer Nadolsky on How You Can Win the Battle with Obesity

Spencer Nadolsky on the Rippedbody Podcast - Doctors Who lift

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Spencer is an American family physician who specializes in helping people with obesity. He helps his patients with lifestyle interventions first, via diet and exercise, before using to his prescription pad wherever possible.

We talk about many topics: why obesity has been recently classified as a disease, why calories in vs calories out is what determines weight loss, but telling someone to eat less and move more doesn’t generally work, how Spencer gets buy-in from his patients, how certain medicines can cause side effects that hamper weight loss, how to look at and interpret your cholesterol numbers, and the potential dangers of bulletproof coffee.

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Show notes

  1. Why Spencer puts diet and exercise first. [0’30]
  2. The reasons why doctors don’t generally put diet and exercise as medicine first. [3’00]
  3. How Spencer gets ‘buy-in’ from patients. [6’30]
  4. Why obesity has been classified as a disease [10’30]
  5. “Is it not just about calories in, calories out?” – “Yes but not entirely.” [13’30]
  6. The importance of controlling your food environment. [19’00]
  7. “I don’t feel that fixing one habit at a time is the best way for people.” [22’00]
  8. “The data shows that people who lose weight rapidly, in the beginning tend to do the best.” [23’30]
  9. Is a donut less delicious to some people? [26’00]
  10. Why Spencer wrote The Fat Loss Prescription [29’00]
  11. There was no book out there that I could give to my patients.
  12. Spencer talks about how medicines can cause side effects that hamper weight loss. [34’00]
  13. “In the current system, I can’t do what I want to do for my patients.” [39’00]
  14. Cholesterol talk. How to look at and interpret your cholesterol numbers. [41’00]
  15. Bulletproof coffee and the damage it can cause. [47’00]

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Thank you for listening! – Andy and Spencer

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