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The RippedBody Macro Calculator


This calculator is built on the back of 9 years of experience coaching people online, full time. They’re based on the recommendations in my book, The Muscle and Strength Nutrition Pyramid, which is a 290-page, fully-referenced guide for powerlifters and physique athletes. But if you think you wondering whether the…

Bulk vs Cut - The Definitive Guide

Should I Bulk vs Cut (or Recomp)? The Definitive Guide

The “should I bulk or cut?” question is probably the most commonly asked among the fitness community. This is for a good reason โ€” the answer to this question depends on more than just your current body composition.

Physique Progress Tracking

How To Track Body Measurements and Weight for Physique Progress

If you are putting in a serious amount of effort with your training and nutrition, you owe it to yourself to take the ten extra minutes each week to track your progress seriously. This will help ensure you get the results you deserve. I’d go as far as to say…

How To Count Macros and Make Meals
The Essential Guide

This visual guide to counting macros will teach you how to build meal plans out of foods that you love. The guide offers an easier and more sustainable method to counting your macros than entering every single food and drink you eat, every day, into a nutritional calculator. The trade-off…

Nutrition Pyramid - The Best Supplements For Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

The Best Supplements For Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

[Last Updated: 20th March, 2020] Supplements are the least important part of any nutrition plan. Very few work. Those that do, do little. The little that they do cannot make up for any of the other four things being screwed up. However, some supplements can be useful, so Iโ€™ll cover…

Nutrition Pyramid - A Nutrient Timing Guide To Maximize Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

A Nutrient Timing Guide To Maximize Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

[Last Updated: March 19th, 2020] It appeals to us that something as simple as changing the timing of things can have a potent effect. But can it? This guide covers when to eat relative to when you train, calorie cycling, macro cycling, and my latest thoughts on intermittent fasting.

Nutrition Pyramid - How To Cover Your Micronutrient Needs

How To Cover Your Micronutrient Needs

[Last Updated: March 18th, 2020] Long-term micronutrient deficiencies will impact your health and torpedo your training efforts. But by observing a few simple rules of thumb regarding your daily fruit and vegetable intake, you minimize your risk of deficiencies.

Nutrition Pyramid - How To Set Macros For Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

How To Set Your Macros for Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

[Last Updated: March 18th, 2020] Energy balance determines whether weight is gained or lost, macronutrients determine whether that change is fat or muscle mass. This is how you should set them to maximize the results of your cut, bulk, and recomp phases.

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