Training to Failure: Helping You Succeed or Fail?

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RPE Course - Eric Helms Andy Morgan

Too much training to failure will hamper recovery, limit the frequency and volume of training you can manage, and ultimately, keep you from making the gains you could otherwise have been.

This is where Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) comes in. It is about programming intensity of effort, rather than just intensity of load and can be an invaluable tool for intermediate and advanced trainees.

This 5 part email course written by Eric Helms and I will show you how to implement RPE into your training programs to match your load to your readiness, manage fatigue more effectively and thus make faster gains. This is 99.9% Eric’s work based on his coaching experience and Ph.D. research, 0.1% my tweaks. (Which means it’s as current as you can get, written by one of the best.)

This is completely free, in the last three days, 2800+ smart trainees like you have already opted in. Don’t miss out, opt-in here.

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