Mark Fisher on Building NYC’s Most Profitable Gym

Mark Fisher on the Podcast Owner of Mark Fisher Fitness

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Mark is the man behind Mark Fisher Fitness, a unique gym in New York City. Actually, as Mark will tell you, it’s not a gym, it’s a club house, they don’t have members, they have ninjas, Mark is the ninja master, and their tagline is Serious Fitness for Ridiculous Humans.

Now if all of this sounds a bit weird, that’s because it is. But embracing weirdness is what has catapulted Mark’s gym to huge success over the last five years. In terms of profit per square foot, it’s the most successful Gym in NYC, which likely makes it one of the most successful gyms in the world. Mark has achieved this by building a unique and vibrant culture, and in this interview, we take a deep dive into exactly how and why he did that.

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Show notes

  1. How Mark got into the fitness industry and starting a gym.  [0’30]
  2. Our first year we did $1mil in revenue. Then we did $2mil in the second year, $3mil in next, $4mil the next…”[7’14][7’14]
  3. How Mark has created this success [8’30]
  4. “It’s like a human behavioral change experiment that’s pretending to be a business.” [9’40]
  5. “We set a high bar for ourselves and we don’t always make it. That is where all growth can happen.” [14’30]
  6. The way Mark used 6-week transformation contests to build Mark Fisher Fitness. [17’00]
  7. Mark talking about how they split the client education by personality types and experience level. [20’00]
  8. “We’re all a lot more affected by our environment than is maybe immediately apparent.” [25’00]
  9. On the accidental creation of ‘Fitness Friends Summit’ in Mexico. [29’00]
  10. What would you write on a billboard in Times Square? [38’00]

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Thank you for listening! – Andy and Mark

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