Podcast Interview #8 – Jordan Syatt on Chasing Experience, Working With Gary Vaynerchuk, and Embracing the Grind

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Jordan Syatt Podcast Interview by Andy Morgan

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Jordan is 25 but already has an 11-year personal training career under his belt. What’s most impressive to me about Jordan is how relentless he’s been about putting himself in positions where he could intern under some of the best coaches in the world.

What he’s currently doing right now is no exception, except that he’s getting a business education of a lifetime. Jordan is Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal trainer. If you know Gary’s work then you probably have an idea of how intense this is. Jordan is contracted to train him every day, for three years, with no holiday, and gets flown around everywhere he goes.

In this interview, I dig into the details of  how Jordan coaches his clients in person and online, and how working with Gary over the last 6 months has influenced his business for the better.

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Show notes

  1. “I was thrust into the evidence based industry at a very young age. I got my first personal training job at 14 years old.” [3’30]
  2. “Clients took me seriously because I had two mentors who presented me seriously.” [5’20]
  3. How Jordan’s thoughts on training and nutrition changed since working with Martin Berkhan at the age of 18. [8’30]
  4. “That’s what everyone is missing, the patience to stick with a program. That’s all it is.” [10’10]
  5. How Jordan works with his online coaching clients. [13’00]
  6. “For me, the best business strategy has been to work off referrals. It forces me to maintain a really high level of coaching.” [16’30]
  7. The differences Jordan has found with coaching women. [18’30]
  8. “I won’t let anyone work with me for less than 6 months.” [24’00]
  9. The crazy story behind how Jordan got to coach Gary Vaynerchuk. [27’10]
  10. “I train Gary 7 days a week. I travel with him anywhere he goes” [32’10]
  11. “Basically, the job is 3 years, no vacation. But I’m happy to do it, it’s a huge opportunity.” [34’30]
  12. How the lessons learned from working with Gary has positively impacted Jordan’s business. [36’00]
  13. “My job is to give them the action plan as clearly, simply and effectively as I can.” [41’40]
  14. An insane day in the life of Jordan [42’50]
  15. “I think people are looking for the easy road when they try and get into the online space.” [46’40]
  16. Advice for coaches looking to build a business online. [50’00]
  17. How Jordan got into business coaching. [53’00]
  18. Jordan’s attempt to fix the resting bitch faces of New York. [59’00]

Selected links

  • Get access to Jordan’s business coaching advice here.
  • Get access to Jordan’s lifting videos and training advice here
  • Email Jordan Jordan [AT] syattfitness.com to find out more about his inner circle coaching group.
  • The Smile Video

Thank you for listening! – Andy and Jordan

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I'm an online nutritional and training coach living in Tokyo, Japan. After seeing one too many people get ripped off by supplement and training industry lies I decided to try and do something about it. The site you see here is the result of a lot of Starbucks-fuelled, two-fingered typing. It's had a lot of love poured into it, and I hope you find the guides to the diet and training methods I use on this site useful. When I'm not helping clients you'll likely find me crashing down a mountain on a snowboard, racing around Suzuka circuit, or staring at watches I can't afford.

2 Comments on “Podcast Interview #8 – Jordan Syatt on Chasing Experience, Working With Gary Vaynerchuk, and Embracing the Grind”

  1. Hi Andy, I’ve just discovered ripped body.com and I’ve read every article. Your info sits well with the way I understand things. I esp like the nutrition, lean gains carb cycling stuff. Can I ask about progression. I understand the principle of course. I would say I’m intermediate due to the years weight training. I understand the multiple ways of inc overload, but I’m at a stage where inc weight or even reps is not happening. I can inc sets of course. This may sound stupid, but where does it end I’ll end up doing 20, 30 so on. I’m currently trying out schoenfelds Max muscle plan. It cycles strength, endurance, hypertrophy and then back to strength. Plenty of variety though progression over time doesn’t seem to apply. Surely we can’t progress for ever as we’d all be in the gym for 10 hours a day. We can’t surely always get stronger as we age, there must be a set point when that’s it. I’m 42. I hope you understand my question. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Regards Mark

    1. Mark, thanks for the comment. Very glad to read you’ve been finding my work helpful.

      Training isn’t always going to progress linearly (whether sets, reps, loading or intensity). Past the beginner stage it’ll come in waves, and structuring your training program with some simple periodization will be necessary to progress. Otherwise as you said, we’d justy end up having to do more and more forever.

      I’d probably follow Brad’s Max Muscle Plan to the letter. Brad is one of the most knowledgable guys in the world when it comes to hypertrophy. You probably just haven’t given it enough of a go to see results yet (or you’re confusing lack of short-term strength gain with lack of progress?). Also, if you can stand to do a little reading, I’d study up a little on training programming for hypertrophy.

      Three options for that in order of detail, two free, one not:
      The Core Principles of Effective Training (~10 minute read)
      The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid video lectures (a series of video lectures by Eric Helms which the book was based off of.)
      The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid book (~180 page book I wrote with Eric Helms and Andrea Valdez)

      Hope that helps Mark.

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