JC Deen On Conquering The Mental Game When Dieting

JC Deen on the Rippedbody Podcast

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Coach JC Deen, author of Stay Leaner Longer, discusses the importance of, and how to conquer, the mental games that go on when dieting.

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Show notes

  1. Andy’s marvelous introduction of JC. [0’00 ]
    Diet Habit related stuff ↓
  2. How do you manage to write in such a way that the reader feels like you are in their head? [3’20]
  3. The need to consider the mental game of dieting. [5’00]
  4. The story of how JC got into the industry. [8’30]
  5. The Christmas bodybuilding show bet between friends [10’00]
  6. “Alan Aragon changed my life one Saturday.” [13’45]
  7. “The media just writes for eyeballs.” [16’00]
  8. The first time JC hired a coach. [19’30]
  9. “That was the lightbulb moment – realizing that this is just math. I was no longer trying to figure out what the best diet was, no longer looking for the shortcuts.” [22:45]
  10. An introduction to the 6 perils facing dieters. [27’30]
  11. On setting realistic goals when you’re starting out. [32’00]
  12. “If you believe that nothing works for you then it probably won’t.” [34’30]
  13. Quit searching for shortcuts. [40’00]
  14. “A lot of times, more information is not going to make you better.” [43’30]
    Business/Coaching related stuff ↓
  15. “I decided to head off to live in Northern Thailand.” [52’00]
  16. How did the travel impact your physique? [55’00]
  17. “You can make anything work if you’re prepared to be versatile.” [56’30]
  18. How has travel impacted your business? [58’40]
  19. “I’m weary of anybody that has a simple answer for something that should require a lot more information.”  [67’40]
  20. Do you have any advice for people trying to get into this industry? [73’00]
  21. Wrap up [77’00]

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Thank you for listening! – Andy and JC

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