Podcast Interview #3: Greg Nuckols on Lifting Heavy Things, Business Ethics, Beer and Music

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Greg Nuckols Podcast Interview by Andy Morgan Rippedbody.com

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Greg is a world record holding powerlifter, bearded-wonder, exceptional writer, craft beer connoisseur, and owner of Strengtheory.com.  Greg’s site has exploded in popularity over the last year due to the quality and originality of the writing. His best lifts including 755-pound squat, 475-pound bench and 725-pound deadlift (so over 1900 pounds total). He holds one all-time world record, he used to have two more but those were beaten in the last year, and I know he is itching to get those back.

Greg is a borderline genius (SATs scores of 1600), has a heart of gold, is set to do great things in this industry, and I’m proud to call him a friend. I hope you enjoy this somewhat rambling conversation. We cover a lot of topics, not just on lifting, but on business, ethics, beer and Greg’s terrible taste in music.

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Show notes

  1. Greg’s surprising music taste confession
  2. On beards & hipsterism
  3. Q) What do you do? – “I try my hardest to not sound like a drug dealer”
  4. Stephen Hawking, Wall-E, Big Boys Aren’t Afraid To Cry
  5. Greg’s lifting world records & how genetics played their role
  6. ‘The Art of Lifting’ and ‘The Science of Lifting’ – Greg’s books
  7. The credibility hit we take when recommending fitness products
  8. Q) If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be and why? – “More Transparency”
  9. The power of honesty – “When I started doing everything wrong with my website is when things started taking off.”
  10. Don’t do this for the money – “If you computed my hourly earnings over that2.5-yearr span, even taking out all the social media stuff, I guarantee you I’ve averaged less than $3 an hour. You have to embrace the grind. You have to love what you are doing. If money is what drives you, you’re going to have a bad time.”
  11. Sleep & stress – “The two best strength gain periods of my life were where I was sleeping an average of 11 hours a day.”
  12. Greg answers this commonly asked question: “If you know what you are doing with your training, why aren’t you any stronger than you were two years ago?”
  13. The importance of ‘buy-in’
  14. Andy’s ultimate buy-in tool to get Greg shredded… and why it fell through.
  15. Beer talk. “I don’t make enough money to become an alcoholic drinking the beer that I like to drink.”
  16. The importance of training environment for strength and muscle gains. “The longer that you can think of yourself as weak, the less chance there for your brain to get in the way of you continuing to make progress, and I think that is a big benefit of training in a gym with really strong people.”
  17. “Beating my hero, Tavis Mash, flipped a switch. ‘I went from thinking, ‘I’m done,’ to ‘I can do anything!'”
  18. How taking fake steroids can gain us size and strength if we believe they are real.
  19. Why it’s sometimes best to turn down business.

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I'm an online nutritional and training coach living in Tokyo, Japan. After seeing one too many people get ripped off by supplement and training industry lies I decided to try and do something about it. The site you see here is the result of a lot of Starbucks-fuelled, two-fingered typing. It's had a lot of love poured into it, and I hope you find the guides to the diet and training methods I use on this site useful. When I'm not helping clients you'll likely find me crashing down a mountain on a snowboard, racing around Suzuka circuit, or staring at watches I can't afford. (Read more about me →)

13 Comments on “Podcast Interview #3: Greg Nuckols on Lifting Heavy Things, Business Ethics, Beer and Music”

  1. Good morning Andy. I have some questions. Do Crossfit in the morning (8:00 am) and lunch only 24:00 / 13:00. This is done Monday workout Tuesday. Wednesday rest. Thursday and Friday repeats the same, totaling 4 workouts p / week. After dine 19:30 / 20:00. Ideally, in my case, eating right after training (carbohydrates) or can only eat at lunch? Because then I come at this time I get 16 hours of fasting. I Paleo diet and am having difficulty eating carbohydrates (444 grams) for me is much heheheheheh. But get there. I am wanting to eat raisins (if you can) after lunch and dinner. In my case, Crossfit, training and rest times, and what I could guide me? Goal is to have ripped body. Today with 76 kg, 1.74 meters and fat percentage of 12 to 13%. Since I thank you.
    Sorry English but I sought help from translator and do not know if understood well. I’m from Brazil.

  2. Enjoyed the podcast. Greg seems like a cool guy. Not to nerd out too hard, but the “She’s the Apollo to my Dionysus.” Pretty sure that was a Nietzsche reference.

    1. Brandon, thanks glad you enjoyed it. Greg is exceptionally smart, so it wouldn’t surprise me. I haven’t read anything by Nietzsche, a ton of biographies, business books, but nearly everything else has to be forced on me.

  3. Just secured some time this morning to listen the podcast.
    I enjoyed everything about the dialog: the lightness, the deepness and the friendly humor!

  4. Greg Nuckols: most unassuming guy in fitness. Great listen. It’s so humanizing to hear people speak genuinely. Also, does this mean I can admit now that I like Shakira?

  5. Really interesting hearing the two of you chat about the industry, Andy. Cheers – enjoyed the interview.

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