What You Need To Know About Your Metabolism When Dieting

Metabolic Damage Isnโ€™t Real (But Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome Is)

The term โ€˜energy availabilityโ€™ refers to whether or not you have adequate energy to maintain not only the energy demands of exercise or sport but also of normal physiological function. You can be at energy balance, maintaining a stable body mass, but be in a state of โ€˜relative energy deficiencyโ€™…

How to Find Maintenance Calories After Dieting (or Bulking)

You can eat a lot more and maintain most, if not all of your leanness, afterย dieting. But people screw thisย up. Theyย either diet blindly without ever thinking how they were going to maintain it, diet too hard for too long and then can’t maintain it, or they mess up a calculation…

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