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Despite your best efforts, do you look pretty much the same as you did six months ago?

I used to understand this feeling well.

Wind back to my early twenties. I’m in Goa, India. I found the courage to chat to a cute girl on the beach, and I invite her out to dinner the next day. The conversation gets a little deeper, we start talking about our interests, “You know, you don’t look like you work out the amount that you do.

There was so much truth in that statement that it hurt like a swift boot to the nuts.

See, at that time I was a little nutty at that time, perhaps trying to turn myself into Jason Bourne. I was doing Karate twice, Aikido 5-6 sessions, and cramming three gym sessions into my week around work. Embarrassingly, I was also dropping around $200/month, shipping all kinds of supplements over to Japan from

→ I didn’t have a lot to show for all my efforts because I put them in the wrong places.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out the obvious. I’m thankful for that comment, it lead me down a path where I started to discover the importance of getting your diet right to support your physique goals, the waste of money that most supplements are, and what effective training is.

The problem is not a dearth of high quality information available to us, there is simply too much of it, and the conflicting advice out there leads us to distraction.

I’m going to help fix this for you. Now.

Note: You are an individual, your results will vary depending on genetics, adherence, and effort.

When it comes to physique change the magic happens when you filter out all the chaff and focus on one way of doing things. That’s what I’ve done with the site’s start guides. Then as you get deeper you’ll find all the tools that you need to be independent and successful on your own.

How does two meals a day, three days a week in the gym sound?

Refreshing, I would bet. And depending on what circles you walk in, you might consider that to be total BS.

Fair enough, but here’s the deal: I’ve taken hundreds of clients to a shredded condition doing just that, and that includes two class-winning bodybuilding competitors.

Now, this is not to say that you have to eat only two meals a day, or only train three days a week. I’m not even saying that this will be appropriate for everyone at all times, but the point is that it’s possible to achieve more with less than most people think, as long as you focus your efforts in the right places.

Fitness is something that should enhance our lives, not consume it.

Consistency over time is the most important factor in developing a lasting physique. You owe it to yourself to not start off more complication than is necessary. Learn the fundamentals of a solid nutrition and training program here, and set yourself free.


1. Shift our focus to diet or training based on our goal.

We can’t say that one is more important than the other, as in the long-term both are of critical importance. However, if you’ve been struggling with your muscle growth or fat loss goals, it’s likely that you’ve been messing up the emphasis.

Looking to gain muscle?  Getting your training right should be your priority as that is what will drive the adaptations. Your nutrition set up is permissive in this case – meaning that it is what will allow you to grow, given the right training stimulus.

Looking to burn fat? – Training is of secondary importance, the primary function being to help you maintain muscle mass. Your nutrition set up will drive the changes.

If you’re looking for both then we need to get both our diet and training programs in sync. We can certainly do that.

2. Simplify things as much as possible.

This makes everything easier to adhere to, and allows scope for additional work or complication later on when it may be necessary.

With the training we will focus on getting stronger, because when we chase strength we can’t help but get bigger also, and then we have a clear and objective measure of progress.

With the diet we’ll reduce meal frequency as much as possible. This makes it possible to eat bigger meals and yet still feel full and satisfied most of the time while losing weight, and whether cutting or bulking it simplifies our meal planning immensely.

3. Eat more food when we need it.

We’ll eat more carbs on the days you weight train for recovery; less on those you rest. On training days you’ll eat more of your calorie intake after training than before.

The Diet

Let’s take a quick look at the Pyramid of Nutrition Priorities for Fat Loss and Muscle Growth.

Energy Balance > Macro Intake > Micros > Meal Timing > Supplements

What this means is that we can’t eat just ‘clean foods’ and ignore calories, we can’t supplement our way out of a bad diet, and we can’t use some special timing tricks to enable us to binge eat on the evenings.

The order we’ll set things up

  1. We’ll calculate calorie intake, then,
  2. Calculate our macros (protein, carbs, and fats).
  3. We’ll just count the macros, as that’s simply a more detailed way of counting calories. I’ll show you how to simplify that, and make a simple meal plan to get you started.
  4. For the micronutrition, if you eat a fist-sized portion of fruit and veg with each meal, and vary your choices each day, you’ll likely have the micros covered.
  5. I’ll show you how to choose a training time and meal times to fit around that and your schedule.
  6. You can pretty much forget supplements for now.

All of this is covered in my complete set-up guide which I have the link for below.

The Training


Looking ‘ripped’ or ‘shredded’ is a function of two things: Low levels of body fat and sufficient muscle mass. You need both so don’t skimp on training.

I suggest that you strength-train, 3 days a week is a good start point. – In the short-term anything will provide a training effect, this is why there is so much BS out there. However I think it’s better to start in the way you mean to go on so I suggest that you get to a gym that has some serious weights and some serious lifters in it.

  • I believe barbells are the most effective for building strength and muscle mass. – It’s too easy to cheat yourself out of a good training effect with bodyweight work. Dumbbells can work fine, but barbells work a little better for incremental loading.
  • If you’re new, stick with the big compound movements and forget about the rest for now. (Squat, Deadlift, Press, Chin-ups, Bench press, Dips). It’ll take around an hour.
  • Your training times can vary. – Some people train fasted, some in the afternoon and others in the evening. You can even vary your training times. The only requirement is that you have enough time after you train to eat before going to bed. We’ll cover meal timing examples in the complete diet set-up guide.
  • Don’t bother with cardio for now.

All of this is covered in the training guides, with the links below.


There are over 100 articles on this site.

I’ve written them based directly on research findings, breakdowns of the research from some of the best in the field, or my own coaching experiences. I’ve then worked to put the information into an easily digestible and actionable manner. This, and my straight talk, is the reason for the popularity of this site.

If you know what you’re after, use the menus to navigate. If you’re looking to set everything up and learn how to make adjustments, here’s the order I suggest doing things.

For Your Training:

For Your Nutrition:

  • Start with The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Diet. You’re welcome to read it all on that page, or you can download it as a free e-book. Yes, that requires you giving me your mail address, but if you do that then you’ll get an email course along with it which is specially timed to teach you the five biggest mistakes that I see people making when they implement their nutrition plans and what to do about them.

Along with that, you’ll likely want to read a few companion guides:

Putting this all together will take you a few hours of reading, but considering that people spend 3-5 hours a week in the gym with little to show for it, with double to triple that spent traveling to and from the gym, showering and doing meal prep, the time investment is a no brainer assuming you’re frustrated with your lack of results and want to find where you’re screwing up and how to start dialing things in.


It’s definitely not for the lazy, nor those looking to be spoon-fed information.

People are prepared to spend a long time getting nowhere before the little reading that I am suggesting starts to seem worthwhile.

Up until that point, most people just look for shortcuts, because that’s what the fitness industry promises us. Fortunately, there are plenty of frustrated people out there that are looking to educate themselves. If this is you then I’m here to help you. For some people though, as harsh as it sounds, it just won’t make sense right now. But know that when you’ve messed it up enough and started to become curious about evidenced-based approaches, I’m here.


Now, there aren’t any substitutions for hard work, but there is a difference between simply working hard vs working hard at the stuff that actually matters.

To get the most out of this site you will need to focus and put some effort into reading, but if you do you’ll be rewarded with a deeper understanding that will put you in charge, instead of always second-guessing what you’re doing when some new fad comes along.

So, are you at that point yet? Cause if so I am here to help.

If any of the guides isn’t clear, just hit me up with a question in the comments. I’ve answered over 16,000 so far. – I’ll respect your questions if you respect the time I take in answering them, which is up to an hour each day for the last 4 years, so please don’t forget to check the FAQ.

I have books available if you would like to go deeper with this stuff, just click “books” in the menu bar.

As for coaching, there is only one of me and I’m popular. This is because I’m good at what I do (because I love what I do), and probably also because I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade and tell people how it is. This means that coaching is expensive and there is a waiting list. This website works exceptionally well as a business card for my coaching services, and I only need a fraction of a percent of readers to hire me to keep food on the table.

You don’t need to hire me to do this. I love the fact that I can help many more people by updating the site for free. Use it, enjoy it, and remember – the biggest compliment you can pay is to share it with someone you think will find it useful.

The guides on this site have helped thousands of people to achieve their physique goals.

Now it’s your turn.

There are no excuses anymore, it just comes down to you. Do you want it?

→ The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Diet
→ The Core Principles of Effective Training

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