Crushing Online Coaching For Aesthetics, by Bryan Krahn

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Not long ago, I found myself getting grilled on Facebook over the concept of hypertrophy training. “Strength and hypertrophy training are the same thing,” my critic wrote, with all the passionate intensity of someone who spends a lot of time on social media but not a whole lot else. While strength and hypertrophy training are more similar than they are … Read More

Coaching Lessons #4 – Tracking Trumps Calculations

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If you are anything like me, the first time after doing your initial calculations to get your calorie/macro requirements you ran a bit of math to try to predict rates of fat-loss and started getting a little excited. Unfortunately the math doesn’t ever work out as neatly as planned, which can be disappointing, frustrating, and lead you to second guess … Read More

Coaching Lessons #3 – One bite at a time…

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For the Japanese, new year is like Christmas – people gather with family and, of course, there are special foods eaten. Those green things in the image below are mochi, soft, gooey rice sweets, about the size of a large soup spoon, and every year a handful of people choke to death in front of their families after a failed attempt to … Read More

Coaching Lessons – #2, Don’t Be Afraid To Be Firm

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Age: 58, Weight: 167lbs -> 165lbs, Stomach: 33.9” -> 30.0” DL 195lbs -> 335lbs, SQ 185lbg -> 225lbs, BP 155lbs -> 195lbs Though it is very hard to identify and accept for yourself, there are some cases where it is necessary to take one step backwards before you can take two steps forward. Two common situations where this is true: A guy that wants abs but doesn’t have enough lean mass … Read More

Coaching Lessons – #1, Don’t Miss The Obvious

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It is the practical experience of working with clients that allows me to write the guides on the site. However, in trying to keep them science based but immediately applicable to most people in most situations, I miss out on covering some fascinating individual learning points from working with people. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back before moving … Read More

A little sugar and spice makes the coaching work nice

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Me, wearing one of the t-shirts we finally had made. [T-shirt giveaway winners announced] If your coach is afraid to cut the BS and tell it to you straight when you need it, then you aren’t going to respect them or follow through with their instructions, and you certainly aren’t going to get the physical changes you committed to work … Read More

How To Sabotage Your Coaching Experience

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Following is a guest article by Andrew Griffin. I first met Andrew, a Boston based fitness consultant and trainer, at The Fitness Summit in Kansas City in 2012. We kept in touch through to the next conference this year, and when we met again he offered me a couch if I ever came to Boston. I took him up on that offer … Read More

What Makes A Good Diet Coach?

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The greatest things in your life won’t happen by chance, they’ll happen by choice. In the article What is the Value of an Online Diet Coach? I talked about the specific benefits I think working with an online coach holds vs one you can hire locally. This article focuses more on the specifics of what I personally do and my thoughts … Read More

What Is The Value Of An Online Diet Coach?

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The online diet coach/trainer is a new concept. There are very few online coaches, each with their own methods. I can’t speak for them. I only talk here about my own views.  Most personal trainers you’ll meet at your local gym want you as a customer for life. I don’t. I think that is a shitty business model. – Keep you … Read More