About Andy Morgan

Fitness Author and Online Training and Nutrition Coach

Hi, I’m Andy Morgan.

I’m a fitness author and online training and nutrition coach for men that take their physique goals very seriously. 

I am the author and developer of the site you are reading, Rippedbody.com, where I make a sincere effort to be ridiculously useful to people without asking anything in return, but knowing I will – coaching inquiries and book sales.

This is my business model, selling without really selling. My work is highly niche and I love it.

I have been coaching and writing since 2011, have worked with over 1000 people, sold over 10,000 books, and had my work translated into 5 languages.

This website used to be in Japanese also, but I broke that off into a separate website, Athletebody.jp, after coming to the painful realization that no Japanese person I met knew the meaning of ripped soon. I have since developed it into the most trusted and popular evidence-based fitness website in Japan, and our goal is to be the key educating body providing nutrition and training information for physique transformation to trainers in the industry here.

About my books and podcast

Aside from the articles that you see on the site, I have a Podcast which I use as an excuse to reach out to interesting people. I have written a book on dietary adjustments, The Last Shred, teaching people how I get the results for my clients in reaction to being flooded with coaching applicant demands. I’ve been fortunate enough to have co-authored two of the most highly respected nutrition and training books in the industry called The Muscle and Strength Pyramids.

If you want to learn more about me, why I live in Japan and anything else you won’t get here, visit my personal site AndyMorgan.com.

– Andy