The Last Shred

How to Adjust Your Diet to Achieve Single Digit Body Fat

With this e-book and video package you will:

Bring clarity and ease to the decision making process

I’ve reverse engineered the decision making processes that I use when coaching clients to create a decision making framework for you.

Cease second-guessing yourself

By gaining a full understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the decision making process, you’ll gain confidence and your independence.

Get access to real client data

See the exact data of five of the most clicked client pictures on my results wall. All the decisions explained, of how I got their results, in both text and video.

Let me show you the exact data and decisions I made to achieve my five most viewed client results.

The issue you face is not your lack of effort or willingness to learn. It’s that you don’t know how to objectively assess and adjust your diet to keep yourself progressing.

This is essential if you are to be successful in chasing your physique and performance goals.

The question is, how are you going to do it? The way that’s going to leave you eating the most, with the most energy for your workouts and life, the least irritability, maximum muscle mass retention, the highest sex drive, and the greatest chance of success without a rebound? Or the way that’s going to potentially leave you in the hole for all these things?

You already know the answer. But here is the problem: You cannot just look at changes in scale weight or body measurements on a week to week basis to determine when you need to make a change as temporary fluctuations in water weight can mask fat loss and throw off all potential means of tracking body-fat percentage.

You need to be smarter than that, and this will show you how.

Adjustments are the key piece of the diet puzzle, but the topic is such a seemingly simple one it gets ignored. This book is here to fix that mistake.

Eric Helms

“Andy Morgan has really outdone himself with this guide. These days, it’s so easy to find a guide or a calculator that will help you mindlessly set up the structure of a diet for someone based on their stats. However, one of the true challenges for a practitioner is knowing how to make adjustments for the individual on an ongoing basis to help them get to their goals in the most efficient, painless way possible. Learning to do this effectively normally takes years of experience, trial and error, learning from peers and mentors and personal experimentation. However, this guide can shorten that process and really help a practitioner to understand the skills and processes that are needed for ‘in the trenches’ success. Honestly, I wish something like this had been around years ago when I first started because it would have greatly accelerated the development of my skills.”

Eric Helms, MPhil MS CSCS Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Raw Powerlifter, Team 3DMJ Coach www.3dmusclejourney.com
Alex Hormozi, United Fitness, SoCal USA

Alex Hormozi

“Andy has taken out all of the guesswork from running your own personal body transformation. He systematically breaks down exactly what to do in innumerable situations, with decision trees that will get you to your goals. This book fills the gap between knowledge and application, with the explanatory videos helping to crystallize it. This is the last missing link that connects all of the high quality knowledge people have picked up reading his site and others with how to actually take that knowledge and turn it into a six-pack. Don’t be stubborn like me and try and figure it out on your own. Get to your goal faster (or at all), and buy the book.”

Danny Lennon

“It’s not often I recommend manuals related to dieting. That’s because there are few that are truly high-quality in every aspect. Well, one of those rarities is this. It literally takes all the guesswork out of dieting. It gets my seal of approval. Great job Andy.”

Danny Lennon, MSc. Nutritional Science, SigmaNutrition.com
Greg Nuckols, Strengtheory.com, Former IPF World Record-holding Powerlifter

Greg Nuckols

“Andy has the magic touch when it comes to nutrition coaching. He does what everyone else wishes they could do: get people to stick to a diet. Losing fat and gaining muscle aren’t rocket science, but people still fail to reach their goals. Why? Because they can’t stick to a plan. That’s what drives most people to hire a coach in the first place. But most coaches think the magic is in the exact details of the diet or training program. It’s not. The magic is in getting people to actually follow through so they get results. Andy understands that and does it as well as anyone I know – his client results show it, and this manual will show you how.”

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You owe it to yourself to not screw up your hard work by making cuts to your diet on a whim, or out of emotion.

The Last Shred:

How To Adjust Your Diet Like A Pro To Achieve Single Digit Body Fat

The art of making dietary adjustments is something that separates those that are successful in their physique goals from those that aren’t. Yet it is one of the most underrated in the industry.

77 pages, 7 Data Analysis & Coaching Decision Explanation Videos

About The Author

I’m an online training and nutrition coach. I’ve been coaching exclusively online, for eight years, helping men get shredded. I have over 100 client result photos and 400 client testimonials on this site, which makes me one of the most experienced coaches in my niche, with the results to back it up.

I put what I can do for people, and what I teach, front and center of my work, which has been translated into five languages. I spent four years writing articles and gaining experience coaching people before putting this book and video package together, teaching how to do what I do for clients, so you can attain diet adjustments mastery yourself.

I’m originally from Birmingham in England and moved to Japan when I was 21. I played around doing Karate and Aikido for a few years while teaching English, before finding my passion in the fitness industry. I’m now 33 and live in Tokyo. English-speaking audiences know me through my no-nonsense nutrition and training guides on Rippedbody.com, but in Japan, I’m known as the man behind Athletebody.jp, Japan’s most popular fitness site. I feel exceptionally fortunate to have found work that I love and to move in the circles that I do.

The keys to your independence, for less than your monthly spend on whey protein.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What Customers Are Saying…

“Andy has put together an extremely detailed and well polished guide for anyone – coach and trainee alike. If you are interested in seeing the behind-the-scenes decision making processes from a true pro, look no further. It’s right here.”

Jason Helmes

“I think The Last Shred is the crucial missing link for someone like myself who is interested in doing his own diet without a coach.”

Dr. Peter B.

“The Last Shred is THE coaching and self-coaching manual for everyone out there. This, along with the Muscle & Strength Pyramid books, has helped me identify clients needs so I can provide them with detailed information and solid research on the topic. Top notch!”

Alberto Alvarez

“Anyone wishing to receive a comprehensive understanding of how to take your physique to the next level and cant afford one-on-one online coaching, this is a MUST buy!”

Matthew Burns

“I have re-read this at least 8 times cover to cover. As a strength coach myself, it is amazing to see how much I have yet to explore and how much more I can still learn. I have to express my sincere gratitude towards what you have shared with the world.”

Garrett Chung

“I finished your book. You weren’t kidding about the detail. Tracking measurements has been the missing key for me I think. I’ve never done it. Always relied on the scale and mirror and have not got the results I should have. Great book as expected Andy!”

Forest Knott

“Can’t actually think of anything I’d improve about this Andy. Love all your work and feel you have a very effective way of getting your points across. I have never met you but feel I know you very well. Very humble and trusted guy. Top content as always.”

Lee Earlam

“Forget what you think you know. Trust the system and trust your self. Follow directions and put the work in. You will be amazed within yourself and that amazement will radiate and spread to others.”

Charles Jackson

“As a passionate about fitness nutrition and body recomposition, I have seen through my ten years of experience a lot of people giving up because of missunderstanding, and I think Andy did a great job putting it all together. He’s spent a lot of time building this manual to help others achieve their objectives. Andy’s manual is a must!”

Alex Lopez

“For the guy aiming to lose fat, look good or get ripped the information age is a minefield. I only hope this sparks more individuals to question the most of the idiots that call themselves online coaches. Be your own coach and buy this book!”

Chris Warden

“This is EXACTLY what I have always wanted but never had. I bought it, am happy with it, and would recommend it to friends without hesitation. Whilst your website alone is enough to read and implement to be successful, I find that your manual is so much more in depth and I really couldn’t be happier with the money I’ve spent.”

Steve Corbett

100% risk-free. 30-day money-back guarantee. Free updates forever.

No questions asked.


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