Updated 28th July 2013

I never imagined that two years ago when I created this site how popular it would become. You’ll find guides here showing you how you can achieve the body of your dreams, without the expensive supplements, and the hours in the gym that the fitness industry would like us to believe we need.

I’ve worked to improve the guides on this site for you, drawing on the experiences and lessons learned working with clients over the last two years, and will continue to do so. We’ve had nearly 3 million page views, and many thousands have used the information presented here to achieve the body they had so far only dreamed about. It is my sincere hope that you can too.

My 10 week before/after back in 2011.

You’ll find guides specifically about the methods taught by the gentleman on the right, Martin Berkhan,  founder of the Leangains style of Intermittent Fasting (I.F.). I consider his ideas some of the most scientifically sound and effective in the industry.

He has been at 5-6% body-fat for the last 5 years, and yet those familiar with his blog will know he is famous for his huge cheesecake eating feats, big meals, and drinking on the weekends. How does he do this? How can you use I.F. to do what he does? I’ll show you exactly how in this blog.

Whether you have been going to a gym for years and not getting the success you want, have been getting good results but are looking for an easier way, or have only recently decided to get in shape, this system can work for you. Good luck! Next see Why I Created This Site, or skip to The Guide to do it yourself.

Questions are welcomed on any page of this site. If you have one, please post a comment and I will be happy to answer. Have a good read through first please.

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44 Comments on “Site Introduction”

  1. Hey Andy. Where can I find your measurement stats for your before and after pics? I’ve tried looking, but can’t seem to come across them.


    1. Hi Vin. It used to be in the results page. When I changed the site over to a new ‘theme’ I swapped it out and left the results page as clients only. However, I need to give that a good update cause the load times are horrible, and when I do I’ll put myself back in somewhere.

  2. Hi Andy,
    I just had lower back surgery in Jan 2013. I went from 172lbs to 198lbs.
    I want to get back into the gym and trying out the big 3 but I can’t do the big lift yet.
    What recommendation do you have ei: what exercises can I do instead for the same or similar results.

  3. Hi!, I was wondering…what if I just want to lose weight, not get lean nor muscular but simply look flat and toned? (I’m a girl, went from 156 pounds to 120 but is hard for me to loose the last portion of fat in my back and belly) thank you

  4. Hi Andy,

    Thank you for the site. I have a couple questions if I may ask.

    Can I go straight into IF afterwards or should I do the recommended diet break first before IF if coming off the RFL?

    At Martin’s site he had a client who would to train fasted first thing in the morning then have his eating window start later in the day and used BCAA’s to supplement for the protein synthesis. Would you consider a client who prefers to workout early and eat later? You state on your page that there must be a meal before or after workouts so this is why I ask.


    Would you be fine with a client who deadlifts every other week

    1. Hi Jack.
      1. Take a diet break first.
      2. Half of all clients work out in the morning. Where did I say that there must be a meal before and after workouts? If you can tell me I will correct this. Thank you.

      1. Hi Andy
        In response to point 2, in your FAQ section, in answer to question 28 about irregular work hours, your answer in point 4 is confusing (especially because of a typo!) and could be where Jack got his understanding. It says: “Training can be at any time as long as you can have one meal after before starting the fast.”

        From your site and Martin’s, I understand it’s fine to workout in the morning, wait till the afternoon and then start eating.


          1. I meant no offense, sorry I misunderstood. I appreciate the response

            So is the meal defined as real food or can it be 10g BCAA?

            I train better fasted with BCAA’s before. Then afterwards I take BCAA’s and postpone it every two hours until I can eat. I have noticed no strength loss or performance loss.

            The concern I have is with the favorable hormonal response that post workout nutrition provides. Do you think the protein is offsetting any benefits? Your opinion


  5. Hey, Andrew. I wasn’t sure where to post this but I have three questions that I need help with!

    1. I am training each day with weights with the RPT style, monday DL etc. but Once I’ve done the warmup (around 5 sets) and then the three proper sets, and had the rests inbetween – it’s about 35 minutes that has passed – is that alright? You state 45 roughly, but does that include the 5-10 min cardio cool down? I know its quite anal to ask like this, but I mean, is 35 minutes of lifting weights normal?

    2. I read a lot from your comments about washing pasta? Why and what does this achieve? Maybe a silly question but I’ve never done it and what do I do just rinse it with hot water?

    3. Martin wrote this on his site: Generally speaking, people have no business contemplating specialization-routines for lagging body parts until they achieve two out of the following four goals: bench press 1.5 x body weight, chin-up 1.5 x body weight, squat 2 x body weight or deadlift 2.5 x body weight. – Does he mean for 1 rep or a certain amount of reps?

    Thank you, sorry for the long comment, but hopefully it will answer other peoples questions too!

    1. Hi James.
      1. Fine. You do whatever you have to do to get warm and ready in winter. Everyone is different. Just don’t tire yourself out.
      2. Neither have I. You confused what you read with something else.
      3. Yes.

      1. Ok Thank you, and I read it on your Facebook page and it was about rice, not pasta – you said you wash your brown rice, what is the reason for that?

        1. All rice needs to be washed. Unless you buy it pre-washed or half-cooked (microwavable) which is likely in the west. Not so in half of the world though.

          1. I have no idea if mine is pre-washed, just get it from tesco or a morrisons haha! If it isn’t then I’ve been eating it.. wrong?! Thanks anyway I’ll look into that!

            1. James, listen mate. Pour it into a bowl, wash it. If the water goes cloudy then it wasn’t washed, if remains clear then it was. Don’t sweat this.

          2. One thing I just realised, you misunderstood my first question; I meant In total I am in the gym 35 minutes WITH my warm-up and my normal sets.. (i don’t count the cool down cardio 5-10 minutes) so what I meant was, is being in the gym for 35 minutes sufficient enough?

            1. It’s not about time spent it’s about getting the work you need to do, done. If you did the work then that’s fine. There are no points for time spent in the gym.

  6. Hi Andy!

    I have been thinking a bit lately about moving my feeding window 1,5 hurs from 1-9 to 2.30-10.30. This is because it will fit my schedule better, and it will also let me eat after handball practices. Is this ok for me to do? And will I also have to change my BCAA intake from the plan you’ve provided me with? I’ll still be working out at the same time

    1. Yes that would be fine. To answer more generally so that it’s useful for more people, take up to 20g of BCAAs during your fast for the early morning fasted training post workout in 10g doses spread evenly.

  7. I know you area fan of leangains but that site is way too confusing. Nowhere does it layout a simple workout plan or diet – you have to search through a maze of articles and I have yet to find a workout plan laid out over there. Thanks for making your site so simple and organized.

  8. Hi Andy, i just recently started getting into leangains based on martin’s site. I follow the exact schedule of martin’s early morning fasted training. the thing is i don’t have access to bcaa powder and neither do i plan on spending on them. Martin suggests ingesting 30g of whey pre workout as an alternative to the bcaa, which i do.

    My question is do i still ingest another 30g of whey post-workout as an alternative to the post workout 10g bcaa?

    (The schedule i follow is the exact one here in martin’s site http://www.leangains.com/2010/05/early-morning-fasted-training.html)

    Hope to hear from you Andy and I hope to get good results with leangains

  9. Hi, I am starting a cut using IF for the first time. I calculated my needs with 425gr. of carbs on training days. I use to eat a lot of veggies (like 4 lbs a day). I am afraid not to maximize the benefits of IF without enough carbs post training. So should I cut down veggies and add more starchy carbs instead?

      1. Too high? Am I not counting this right?
        I weight 135lbs, 5’10” (178cm), 114.75lbs of LBM and I am 30 years old.
        1-BMR = 1410.4
        2- Activity = 1.55
        that gives me 2186 cal/days
        3- Cut = +10% (on training days) = 2404 cal.
        protein needs (2.5 x 52kg = 130gr.)
        fat = 20gr.
        so the rest should be carbs, right?
        2404 – (130 x 4) – (20 x 9) = 1704 calories from carbs
        1704 / 4 = 426gr.
        Did I screw that up?! 🙂

  10. Jarold good question. Yes I used a RPT (Reverse Pyramid Training) scheme for training, 3 days a week. After reading ‘Beyond Brawn’ and with my own experience, I am convinced that less is more. I would advise sticking to the RPT.

    Two points, those with a shorter frame are usually better performers at the Bench and Squat; weaker at the Dead-Lift. (The reverse is true for tall guys like me.) Also, as you lose weight, the pull-ups will come easier. Don’t train to fail on more than one set in these. Try band-assisted ones in this if necessary. I don’t think it is necessary to consider a prioritization routine just yet. Play to your natural strengths!

    1. Awesome. Thanks, Andy! I’ll stay the course and keep going for those PRs. Actually starting to see some of this BF come down (about a month into it).

      1. I do have a question, actually. It looks like you went for fat loss since it looks like you were in pretty good muscular shape to begin with. Were you employing Martin’s RPT scheme for weight training? I’m going for recomp with an emphasis on fat loss (want to lose about 10 lbs; currently at 5″6.5″ 172 lbs ~16% BF according to hand-held bioelectrical impedance device). I’m decently strong in the push motions, but very weak in pull motions (chins, curls). Been on an RPT routine based around the 4 big lifts, but wondering if I need to start elsewhere to get down to lower BF % first.

  11. Good work Andy, but i think its essential we know your stats before and after like body fat etc. Also what your rest and training day calorie intake looked like. That way we can appreciate your results more. Best regards, Orinn

    1. You can find the measurements on the results page here.
      It is now 4 weeks after that 10 week comparison photo, and I’ve lost another 5.5cm off my stomach. – Unfortunately I didn’t take bf% measurements.

      Calories were cycled, over and under maintenance. Sometimes this gap was 500kCal sometimes a little higher. Hope this helps.

      1. What is your maintenance intake and activity level? Were you at a net loss (+10/-30)? Do you recall how much you lost in the first week? ~10kg down in 10 weeks suggests an average deficit of ~1000kcals no?

  12. Hi Andrew, nice website . great to see both jp and english on the site . well done, i hope it goes well for you…have you written an e-book? if not you should , i’m sure it would sell well

    best regards

    Mark Sheppard

    1. Thanks Mark,
      I haven’t written an e-book but will consider it for the future perhaps in Japanese.
      In the English speaking world there are certainly men of far greater knowledge than me, so for the English site I hope to put some great links in the coming weeks to some awesome sites on training and nutrition so people can learn from the masters themselves.

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