Coaching Terms and Conditions

1. I can’t guarantee results.

Any coach that says they can guarantee results simply isn’t being honest, or hasn’t been in the business long enough. We will do our best.

2. Our time working together needs to be a consecutive without significant gaps or breaks.

(Unless by prior agreement).

Knowing that it is a fixed period works wonders to motivate and encourage people to push forward, seek counsel with me, and work through any difficulties together. Dieting isn’t easy, commitment and deadlines are an important part of the success formula.

I need a consistent period in order to be able to do my job properly. Gaps in the data hinder my ability to assess diet and training progression, and thus give appropriate guidance on adjustments where necessary. Periods shorter than 12 weeks often don’t work as I need more time to assess and dial things in.

I cannot offer a restart of the process months down the line. I would need to recalculate things and possibly reassess goals entirely based on changes in physical condition and conditioning.

Now, unexpected things happen and you may need to update me a week late – that’s perfectly understandable and we can accommodate for that. I work in a referral business after all and it’s not uncommon for me to suggest extensions if I feel it’s necessary to get a good results for people. If you can’t continue the plan for some reason I’ll do my best to give detailed parting guidance at that point so that when you can come back to your training / diet, you can move forward on your own and be successful.

3. I don’t give refunds.

It keeps you committed. Success in many of life’s most important endeavors begins with a commitment. We need to push our comfort zones in order to force out bodies to adapt, change, and grow leaner and stronger. I can’t think of anything more detrimental to someones chances of success than offering refunds. If you don’t follow through with the plan, there will not be a refund. Information has no value unless you act on it.

It stops the occasional dishonest person. – I have had people get me to write them a very detailed plan with no intention of paying for it. They thought they could demand a refund, threatening to write a bad review somewhere on the internet if I didn’t. It’s unfortunate that there are some people out there like this, but I can’t allow myself to be held to ransom in this way.

It protects my reputation. – I need to be known as a coach that holds people accountable because this is why many people hire a coach in the first place. If I get a reputation for not following through on my word, I steal this commitment tool from future customers and undermine my entire business.

Now, I believe in treating people well, and in going the extra mile where necessary to help people get good results. However I know that I won’t be able to please all people at all times, no matter what I do. I just have to hope that my character and integrity shines through in my writing on the site, client testimonials and public interactions online.

Thank you for your understanding.