Danny Lennon Podcast Interview by Andy Morgan

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Danny Lennon is the man behind the Sigma Nutrition podcast, which has grown over the last couple of years to become the best podcast on nutrition. Danny is a sports nutrition coach from Ireland, and he’s interviewed so many people over the last year that I thought it was about time that people found out more about the man himself. We get into some interesting areas on improving diet compliance for coaching clients, and the nutrition mistakes of MMA fighters. I really enjoyed this interview and I hope you do too.

The content can be quite technical and so there are a lot of coaches, academics, and trainers that really appreciate the work he does in getting his interviews out there.

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Show notes

  1. The challenges of describing to people what you do. [~1’05 ]
  2. “If you keep putting out good stuff and keep helping people then eventually things take off.” [~6’30]
  3. How did you get into the industry? [~7’10]
  4. “I don’t think that people that aren’t actually coaching should be writing about it.” [~12’10]
  5. “Some people want to have more complex plans than they actually need.” [~13’50]
  6. What would you say is the key value that people derive from coaching? – “It depends on their current level.” [16’00]
  7. “When coaches try to write their own training program, they second guess it all the time.” [~17’30]
  8. “It’s important to have skin in the game.” [~18’40]
  9. How do you help to give a wealthier client the same level of buy-in without unfairly charging them more? [~24’40]
  10. “None of my coaching is based on an hourly rate or fee per hour of time…” [26’05]
  11. What do you mean by, “a traditional, punch yourself in the face, contest diet?” [~29’15]
  12. The mistakes that MMA fighters make with their nutrition [~31’30]
  13. “There is no way they can perform at their best with a low carbohydrate diet.” [37’50]
  14. Why should I not take my fat intake really low? [43’15]
  15. Highlights of the EPIC Summit in Birmingham [~45’00]
  16. The value of making industry connections in person [~47’40]
  17. What has been your most rewarding experience thus far in your job? [54’10]
  18. “I think everyone kind of feels like a fraud in what they are doing to a certain extent when they are starting out.” [~57’35]
  19. “When you start putting the emphasis on good quality content, and you keep repeating that over time, eventually, people start to take notice.” [~60’40]
  20. When I say “punchable” who is the first person that comes to mind? [61’50]
  21. Tim Ferriss’ podcast – praise and criticisms from a biased fan. [~63’40]
  22. “It’s not about the endpoint, it’s the journey that people have to enjoy.” [~68’00]
  23. Charging per vegetable change in a meal plan!? [~72’50]
  24. If you could change one thing about our industry, what would it be and why? [74’55]

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Thank you for listening! – Andy and Danny


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