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Chase is physique competitor and trainer based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. He coaches people online similar to what I do through his site ArchitectsofAesthetics.com. Today you’re going to hear us talk about both our training histories, the experiences that made him the coach he is today, how he overcame being skinny, and we discuss what really makes him tick – why he loves his job.

This is my first time interviewing someone. I was a little nervous and the mic at my end was a little quiet – I’ll be sure to fix that next time.

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Show notes

  1. Chase’s site is ArchitectsofAesthetics.com. (Still in development, but details about his coaching are all there.)
  2. Here are the three articles by Greg Nuckols we discussed:
  3. The two Fitness Summits we talked about:
    • The Fitness Summit (Kansas City, Missouri, USA) 1st-2nd May
    • The Epic Summit (Birmingham, UK) 15-17th May
  4. Chase has put together some quick notes here on his ‘Chasing Volume’ Program.


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Florin B.
Florin B.

Hi Andy,

Nice idea to start a podcast series, still maybe you can shorten these with more focused questions.
It’s an enjoyable discussion between you and Chris, still you could have cut some sections, I think.

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Can you please have greg from kinobody.com and Lyle Mcdonald on your podcast? Thank you.

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