Podcast Interview #11 – Andrea Valdez on Building the Coach-Client Relationship

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Andrea Valdez on the Rippebody Podcast Female Bodybuilder Lifting Weights

Andrea is a member of the 3D Muscle Journey bodybuilding and powerlifting coaching team. She is a bodybuilder, Grid competitor, and is my co-author on the Muscle and Strength Pyramid books. Today’s conversation covers three main topics: Coaching philosophy and building the coach-client relationship. The importance of getting “un-lean” after competing when moving into a muscle gain phase. How training … Read More

Podcast Interview #5 – Eric Helms on Coaching & Making Adjustments for Bodybuilders and Powerlifters

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Eric Helms on the Rippedbody Podcast

Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Eric Helms is a coach, athlete, author, and educator. As a part of the 3DMJ Team, he coaches drug-free strength and physique competitors at all levels. Eric has competed since the mid-2000’s in natural bodybuilding, unequipped powerlifting and recently in Olympic lifting. He earned Pro status as a natural bodybuilder with the PNBA in 2011 and competes with the … Read More